From a Bulldog to a Ram

Happy Birthday, Jocelyn! The older Keller Girl turns 12 today, temporarily doubling-up her sister for the last time, if only mathematically.

The picture here is actually from August of this year, on her first day of middle school, rendering this year’s traditional gift from me rather obvious.

Rarely does such an obvious addition to our stuffed animal herd present itself: For her 12th birthday in 2010, I gave Jocelyn a stuffed bighorn sheep doll, or a “ram” … in honor of her first year as a WGMS Ram! But just in case, the gift did include a small “bulldog” (Booksin’s mascot), out of appreciation for the school from which she graduated in June.

We are very proud of the energy and excitement she has brought to middle school, both as a solid participant in extracurricular activities and as a dedicated student.