Latest Lifestream (November 21 2010)

It is 48 degrees and raining sideways. It’s a mudbath out there. These girls are soaked. [KarenMKeller]. David Best game girls could play, but 3-1 loss for Ultimate (and 2-1 loss earlier were we led). Not enough whistles from referees intimidated us [dhkeller]. David @OhMySwed3 That’s OK. The Sharks fell asleep with 60 minutes […]

Latest Lifestream (November 20 2010)

David @fearthefin Worcester Shuttle or healthy roster moves? [dhkeller]. David Getting ready for ‘Rubber Ducky’ Birthday Party. What should we pretend these safety pins on the balloons are for? [dhkeller]. David Pizza Ordered. Although the picture on the website is certainly not the @roundtablepizza in WG 😉 [dhkeller]. David NEVER FAILS EVERY […]

Latest Lifestream (November 19 2010)

David @mymclife That, and just re-post last night’s recap and cross-out and update the names. [dhkeller]. David @CouchTarts After Nitty took responsibility for last night, maybe Neimi should one-up him and take the blame tonight? [dhkeller]. David @CouchTarts Neither was responsible on their own. I’m no fan of the Blackhawk, but it wasn’t his […]

Latest Lifestream (November 18 2010)

David posted Dinner & Dance Party (aka Theatre!). David @ryankuder Almost certain yours went up with the push-ups [dhkeller]. David Word on the street: (make that) @SugarBowl1939 *might* open Wednesday, if snow falls this weekend as hoped. Think Snow! [dhkeller]. David Forgot to DVR #sjSharks tonight. Wouldn’t have to remember if @CSNSharks would’ve sorted […]

Latest Lifestream (November 17 2010)

David @agmendenhall WPS? hold on, sounds familiar … WPS? Nope. Dead to me. And if #USWNT fails against ITA, may have to forget soccer entirely [dhkeller]. David @agmendenhall Already boxed up my FCGP paraphernalia, but I am wearing a CyberRays jersey right now. So apparently I have a short memory [dhkeller]. David In the […]

Latest Lifestream (November 16 2010)

David @hockeydarling Me. But will any Sharks show up, too? 😉 [dhkeller]. David the only calls I ever get on my home phone are robocalls from political candidates and my daughters’ schools. You do the math. [dhkeller]. David @hes_a_rebel Clear winner there over the weekend as well. Very noticeable. Go Ducks? [dhkeller]. David @hes_a_rebel […]

Latest Lifestream (November 15 2010)

David We’re home from #Disneyland! Did EVERYTHING (mostly twice). Toy Story Mania x3, BTMRR x5, Jungle Cruise x5 (best voyage was night cruise) [dhkeller]. David Top Jungle Cruise (night, 5th trip, inside-joke): "Here’s something you will never see again: a male African bull elephant." [lights OFF] [dhkeller]. David @Wompy oh totally. We went 5-5 […]

Latest Lifestream (November 14 2010)

David In line for Small World, and 6yoF has spied an Autopia card among the Topiary. Say that 10 times fast! [dhkeller]. David shared Space Mtn: 6yoF’s hand blocking 12yoJ’s moment.. Space Mtn: 6yoF’s hand blocking 12yoJ’s moment. David Space Mtn: 6yoF’s hand blocking 12yoJ’s moment. [dhkeller]. David @ryankuder But those nasty flash […]

Latest Lifestream (November 13 2010)

David Fun: Soaring Over CA, Calif Screaming, Tower of Terror, Muppets, Montsers, etc. … Not Fun: starting 60+ mins in line for Toy Story Mania [dhkeller]. David Toy Story Mania has closed due to mechanical difficulties, so we only wasted 30 minutes in line. OTOH, we haven’t been waiting 60 minutes [dhkeller]. David California […]