O Tannenbaum (TMBG Style)

DSCF1325Merry Christmas, everyone!

Of course the “Christmas Carol” Tradition continues this year, with another installment gift of holiday cheer … in the from of a famous song under the Christmas tree for Mommy (with commemorative ornament)! And this, year, it’s not just under the tree … it is the tree (sort of)!

O Tannenbaum

Or of course: “O Christmas Tree,” the timeless ode to the holiday spruce (or noble fir).

According to Wikipedia, the best known version was written in 1824 by the Leipzig organist, teacher and composer Ernst Ansch├╝tz. The melody is an old folk tune. The first known “Tannenbaum” song lyrics date back to 1550.

DSCF1330But this year, we have chosen a specific version of O Tannenbaum: Specifically, the version released in 1993 by They Might Be Giants.

“Why TMBG?” you ask. … Because this year included another TMBG milestone for our family! Two actually! We ventured up to San Francisco to see a free concert in Stern Grove in August, and then we found ourselves in Washington DC in October, at the same time that the band was performing a free show at the Kennedy Center. Who could resist that?! Especially since we didn’t actually “see” much of the free show in San Francisco, because we were sitting on a hill among eucalyptus trees that effectively obstructed our view of the stage. For the Washington DC show, we were sure to get a good view, and ended up about 30 feet from the stage. Awesome!

DSCF1326For the ornament, the girls and I each decorated one panel of a triangular-shaped photo ornament, and Jocelyn added the tree hanger extending from the top. The pictures were taken at the two TMBG concerts, and the Christmas Trees have been added for effect (and to obscure your view, too).

Combine lots of TMBG, lots of trees blocking our view, and the holiday ode O Tannenbaum together, and you get the 2010 Christmas Carol! Enjoy!


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