Latest Lifestream (January 31 2011)

David @alondrah18 Were those #WorldCup games on an iCal or on @GoogleCalendar list anywhere, or were they manual entries? #WWC #WWC2011 [dhkeller]. David @wyshynski TB’s jersey/logo "update" = yawn. But STH jersey/label with RFI Chip is genius. As 20yr STH for @SanJoseSharks, I want! [dhkeller]. David 1st Graders colored pigs today, and they’re hanging […]

Latest Lifestream (January 30 2011)

David What began as Puddle Stomping in our newly replenished street gutters turned into Worm Rescue instead [dhkeller]. David one of 7yoF’s bday gifts was Barbie *sigh* … you pull string and her dress gets shorter *grrr* … OTOH, F more interested in how it works [dhkeller]. David Office furniture and carpet upgrade […]

Latest Lifestream (January 29 2011)

David @moyalynne Cool. worked with my @Palm pre! … I want me some! any format upload and size limitations? [dhkeller]. David letting one of my preferred Baristas use our Tahoe Cabin this weekend. How’s that for a tip! ;-0 [dhkeller]. David @Alondrah18 Haven’t tried it but thought of you … RT @TweetSmarter: set up […]

Latest Lifestream (January 28 2011)

David At the WGMS Spirit Rally right now. Defeaning, but fun. Sitting in the back row, of course. Yep, only dad (among few males in general) [dhkeller]. David Relays, games, music, skits. Essentially organized chaos without the organization ๐Ÿ˜‰ … But the 6th Gr skit did feature ‘dueling banjos’ [dhkeller]. David The WGMS 6th […]

Latest Lifestream (January 27 2011)

David @OhMySwed3 Not so much him as a terrible shift from Walin [dhkeller]. David #sjSharks Murray blocks vicious shot off the foot on the PK, and then takes a stick to the mouth. Don’t let his effort go to waste, Sharks! [dhkeller]. David My shootout line-up: Seto, Clowe, Couture … Please don’t lose after […]

Latest Lifestream (January 26 2011)

David Since folks have asked, I am happy to share GoogleDoc I made with #USWNT venues and other games for #WWC in Germany 2011. DM/@ me your email [dhkeller]. David knew it was too good to last. Until today, the Friends Birthday Gauntlet had left most snow weekends intact. Lost a clear Feb wknd […]

Latest Lifestream (January 25 2011)

David After he read the paper? awesome! … RT @mercnews Former 49er Brent Jones donates $10K so boy can buy service dog [dhkeller]. David Felicia’s Lucky 7th Birthday – Happy Birthday to Felicia! She turns seven today! This has been a birthday of great a… [dhkeller]. David We can send a man […]

Latest Lifestream (January 24 2011)

David shared CIMG0082. CIMG0082 David Happy Birthday from the 1st Grade … don’t panic: sound kicks in 16 seconds in [dhkeller]. admin published Feliciaโ€™s Lucky 7th Birthday. David Why I dont listen to @Channel923 at home: I can dislike Harvey Danger ‘Flagpole Sitta’ on Pandora, and never hear it again. [dhkeller]. David At […]

Felicia’s Lucky 7th Birthday

Happy Birthday to Felicia! She turns seven today! This has been a birthday of great anticipation, and the “party” will last through at least Saturday, when we host her small Toy Story Birthday Party.

My tradition gift of books continues this year, with a collection recalling our fabulous October trip to Washington DC and her […]