Latest Lifestream (February 28 2011)

David Dinner at Sonoma Chicken Coop, and there’s a western-themed wedding reception here, with lots of cowboy hats. Juxtapose that to the #Oscars [dhkeller]. David Your best clue that I don’t care: I now know that Christian Bale won, but I have no idea what for. Thx, Twitter ;-p [dhkeller]. David Pro Tip: when […]

Latest Lifestream (February 27 2011)

David @agmendenhall Only morons allow themselves to be men-on-the-street interviewees. And politicians. [dhkeller]. David @agmendenhall oh right. And weather forecasters. [dhkeller]. David @sherlockelly Because they do. Just try to find some #sjSharks XX 20th swag online. Can’t. EOS [dhkeller]. […]

Latest Lifestream (February 26 2011)

David Snow! … um, no, actually those are just blooms falling from the neighbors plum tree. But my backyard is covered in something. Sorry. [dhkeller]. David Wait. Did I just get followed by the SJ Hwy 87 trumpet-playing guy (and his bunny)? Yes, I think I did? @loveclown #sjSharks [dhkeller]. David !! @seto1661 !! […]

Latest Lifestream (February 25 2011)

David Heading Home. Big powder coming to Tahoe, but we can’t use it. Perhaps SJ, then? [dhkeller]. David Latest I-80 full stop WB, this one just below Gold Run. Lots of spinouts witnessed, none of my own. *jinx* [dhkeller]. David Brilliant! … Follow him … RT @seto1661: Alright decided that 15000 followers by march […]

Latest Lifestream (February 24 2011)

David Still annoyed SuddenLink Cable doesn’t carry @CSNSharks CSN-California in Truckee, but at least I can watch Randy & Drew on Versus today [dhkeller]. David @SharksInGame Have the Sharks even had the puck in the ofensive zone first 5 mins? Saw that Pens goal coming [dhkeller]. David Looks like the #sjSharks brought the ice […]

Latest Lifestream (February 23 2011)

David Three-in-a-row overall in The Joe! … RT @SanJoseSharks: SJS 4 @ DET 3 | Sharks sweep Red Wings on road for first time in franchise history [dhkeller]. David Up to 4′ in Tahoe. Will @KarenMKeller take pictures if it snows in SJ? … RT @mercnews: Snow by Saturday? It’s 50-50 [dhkeller]. David […]

Latest Lifestream (February 22 2011)

David Team KellerBorg: sledding down Acorn in Soda Springs [dhkeller]. On Amtrak on my way home from fun snow weekend. Currently stopped to clear ‘something’ from tracks. Uh-oh. [KarenMKeller]. Moving now. Phew! [KarenMKeller]. David shared 2 photos. VID-20110221-00000[1] Skating at Northstar David Skating at Northstar: 7yoF wearing real skates, 12yoJ makes a drive-by […]

Latest Lifestream (February 21 2011)

David She has to head home tonight, but it’s really awesome to have @KarenMKeller ‘working from home’ from the Cabin today [dhkeller]. David I’m all for corporate interactivity on Twitter, but the number of companies asking for my favorite president is silly … And it’s Lincoln [dhkeller]. […]

Latest Lifestream (February 20 2011)

David Done. If we stand around long enough, will we be on the @SugarBowl1939 Mt Judah webcam? [dhkeller]. @dhkeller are you still on the patio in the webcam? [KarenMKeller]. David @KarenMKeller no. Got too cold ;-( [dhkeller]. @dhkeller you are in the picture now. Seems there is about a 20 minute delay. [KarenMKeller]. David […]