Latest Lifestream (March 31 2011)

David @zoe And she’s not even 12 yet! … Is there an upward trend greater than exponential? ;-p [dhkeller]. David Based on transcription today, I’m assuming Google Voice is not going to be much help when my future teenager calls and leaves a message [dhkeller]. David @maire_ryan That scoreline is also appreciated out here. […]

Latest Lifestream (March 30 2011)

David RT @borealmtn: Boreal will extend DAILY operations upday Apri 24th.Then we will go weekends only in May (conditions permitting). please … [dhkeller]. David @sportykristina Actually, I kind of like them, too. … But there’s no way I can pull-off wearing one, which is definitely too bad ;-( [dhkeller]. David I kinda like new […]

Latest Lifestream (March 29 2011)

David @Notketchup Indeed, And do we now thank Todd Bertuzzi, too? Wow. [dhkeller]. David @Notketchup Although the ‘Hawk ass-kissing from @VersusNHL is actually far more annoying. Jeez. Kinda wanted Detroit to score there [dhkeller]. David @Auth0ridomini @CouchTarts Clearly a blow to the head, and the Hawks have done a great job of capitalizing … […]

Too Much Snow?

No, Silly! At least not yet.

After a few inexplicable delays, we finally made our way up to our Tahoe Cabin this past weekend to enjoy all of the snow that has been falling in March. And, boy, has it been falling!

We think there is more than 30 feet on the ground. Our […]

Latest Lifestream (March 28 2011)

David Blue sky. Birds chirping. What is this strange place? [dhkeller]. David RT @tmbg: Via strangers on twitter: on this date in 1930 it was official. #istanbulnotconstantinople [dhkeller]. […]

Latest Lifestream (March 27 2011)

David Lunchtime @SugarBowl1939. More stormy than expected. Firm and sticky snow suggests that it might be late March afterall 😉 [dhkeller].

Latest Lifestream (March 26 2011)

David Well. We’re in front of the cabin. Impossible to drive into garage. Driveway may be iffy. Gonna try swimming into the Cabin. Fun! [dhkeller]. Wow. Never seen so much snow in my life. We have daily plow service but it still took 40 minutes for us to dig in. [KarenMKeller]. David Officially: Cabin. […]

Latest Lifestream (March 25 2011)

David @CSNSharks I have your next poll question: If entire Pac Div makes playoffs, which non-div winner advances from other Divs? CHI, NSH, or CAL [dhkeller]. David based on Montreal’s response to Paccioretti-Chara fiasco, I’d like #sjSharks to play #Habs in first round. NHL can fix that, right? ;-p [dhkeller]. David Wayne Gretzky just […]

Latest Lifestream (March 24 2011)

David I am about to enter Fry’s on my mission to insist my $1000 TV come with a plastic cover for remote’s battery compartment. Heaven help me [dhkeller]. David Actually, the Fry’s folks were pretty good about the remote cover. Faster solution than making a return! [dhkeller]. David Desjardin just scored his first NHL […]