Too Much Snow?

No, Silly! At least not yet.

After a few inexplicable delays, we finally made our way up to our Tahoe Cabin this past weekend to enjoy all of the snow that has been falling in March. And, boy, has it been falling!

We think there is more than 30 feet on the ground. Our best measurement of the snow level is the height of the fluffy stuff directly behind the house, where there is no effect from either snow-blowing street plows nor from snow shedding off of the roof. Back there, the snow has reached the mid-point of the third-story windows. The second-story windows on both sides of the house are totally obscured, and there is at least 10-feet of snow on the deck. The driveway (as you can see) is a narrow canyon of snow. And since our plow service cannot stay ahead of it, we have at least 8-feet of snow piled into the back half of the driveway.

To be honest, we are concerned that the roof is holding a significant amount of snow load, perhaps more than it can handle without strain. A crack has developed in the north wall along the main window, and at least one of the internal cabin doors sticks a little more than usual. As long as the snow stops soon, we think we’ll be OK … but a visit from a structural engineer may be in order this summer. If the snow ever melts.

But we still were able to snowboard on Sunday, so there’s is not too much snow! Yet.