Latest Lifestream (April 30 2011)

David @juliogarcia Nope. You’re 2nd follower with same symptoms, but I can’t find anything about official @GoogleVoice outage. How to report? [dhkeller]. David @hes_a_rebel Yep. He’s got to have those early shots from out high. Burns all the momentum they had [dhkeller]. David Mad Todd McLellan! I like mad Todd like I like Angry […]

Latest Lifestream (April 29 2011)

David @Notketchup I have a good friend who is transfixed, although I don’t get it. I support her (and you) like I would fans of any sport! Enjoy! [dhkeller]. David @Notketchup Although now that I think about it, I’d rather have stream full of Wedding tweets than the NFL Draft flood I’m about to […]

Latest Lifestream (April 28 2011)

David anyone else having problems with @GoogleVoice today? No OGM for those calling me, no messages recorded or transcribed for me. #fail [dhkeller]. David So after all that, no top-three seeds fall in the 1st Round? What kind of playoffs is that? 😉 … And has that ever happened? [dhkeller]. David You have no […]

Latest Lifestream (April 27 2011)

David @suemcal OK. LMK. I have a few tips, but I’m nothing like ‘Extreme Couponing’ people 😉 … As SAHD, saving money is in my job description [dhkeller]. David @Notketchup yeah, brutal, brutal call … from a referee who was out of position to make it. #NHL refs really having a tough month 🙂 […]

Latest Lifestream (April 26 2011)

David Niemi stats … RT @FTFsTCY: Mondays: .917 S% … vs Pac Div reg season: 2.19 GAA .929 S% … Last year: 3 game sixes, 3-0 .915 s% 2.33 GAA [dhkeller]. David thinking @RoundTablePizza takeout for dinner tonight. Hoping to inspire #sjSharks to score four in the net! [dhkeller]. Yum! [KarenMKeller]. David @zakkthebear @TBLightning […]

Latest Lifestream (April 25 2011)

David FS-Ducks just showed a commercial for Game 7 playoff tickets (April 26, if necessary, Time TBD). Really, really, hope that jinxes them today [dhkeller]. David Schneider. #WhatWouldMcLellanDo? #WWMcLD? RT @CouchTarts: whoa, Lou is out? [dhkeller]. David FINALLY! #Preds will face Vancouver or Detroit, pending #sjSharks #laKings outcome [dhkeller]. David Despite all of the […]

Latest Lifestream (April 24 2011)

David He’s being out-coached … RT @IvanoSJ: McLellan put no blame on Niemi on any of the goals in presser. Pretty clear who’ll start on Monday [dhkeller]. David @IvanoSJ I don’t think he’s making a difference like Murray is. His team has not been ready to start too much. McGinn? [dhkeller]. David #Bruins Michael […]

Latest Lifestream (April 23 2011)

David RT @mercnews: Epic snows keep skiers happy, Sierra residents yearning for spring [dhkeller]. David We had to buy Peeps at Fresh & Easy or we wouldn’t have qualified for the $6 off $30 purchase. Nevermind they were first thing into the cart [dhkeller]. David @brodiebrazilCSN @SharkVoice Sell souvenir robes with #SLNC logo! […]

Latest Lifestream (April 22 2011)

David 2 hours ’til #sjSharks vs #laKings. But I have a meeting at 8p, so it’s more like 3.5 hours before I’ll be watching. Please show up, Sharks [dhkeller]. David @Dowbiggin the @HootSuite app and website are impacted by the Amazon failure today. [dhkeller]. David add me to the list of people impacted by […]