Latest Lifestream (April 21 2011)

David Go, Preds! … Live #Versus "look-in" caught that last goal (Ducks up 2-1). Didn’t even know @NHLonNBC_VS knew this series was being played [dhkeller]. David multi-tasking, watching CAPS (0) NYR (3) & NSH (1) ANA (2) … *LOVING* the "no lead is safe" references to last night’s #sjSharks game. 😉 [dhkeller]. David Middle […]

Latest Lifestream (April 20 2011)

David Remember when the Sharks went 23-6-3 after the All-Star Break and won the first game of this series? Yeah, that was nice. [dhkeller]. David Watched the 1st Per on DVR-delay, tracking the 2nd on Twitter. Not sure what to do if it gets worse in the 3rd. [dhkeller]. David @Wompy I don’t have […]

Latest Lifestream (April 9 2011)

David RT @_cristina_: I Stand With Planned Parenthood. Do You? Sign the open letter – let’s get to ONE MILLION #StandWith … [dhkeller]. David @TheReal_DB3 @SanJoseSharks Likely the silly flags become projectiles in-Arena. TB Lightning gives STH’s replica jersey; Sharks? zilch #lame [dhkeller]. David @TheReal_DB3 @SanJoseSharks … See @PhoenixCoyotes also giving away Car […]

Latest Lifestream (April 8 2011)

David What a joke! @SanJoseLibrary requires in person renewal of library card (when you can find an open library). um, even the DMV renews by mail [dhkeller]. David @mellen22 None was mentioned (we fortunately don’t fit the bill). @SanJoseLibrary needlessly bureaucratic (and Branch Mgr not very friendly) [dhkeller]. David @Donholio On your Pres Trophy […]

Latest Lifestream (April 7 2011)

David @VersusNHL‘s Eddie O: "puck takes a wicked bounce on Hossa" … in the sense that he played it right to the #Blues, who scored. #Hawks [dhkeller]. David RT @NorthTahoeNews: Lake Tahoe weather: Foot of snow possible by Thursday morning [dhkeller]. David But still — inexplicably — nothing with the XX 20th logo […]

Latest Lifestream (April 6 2011)

David @agmendenhall Heh. Me too. Only thing I want to know is if the refs change their call standards in final 10 mins like in the Semi. Brutal. [dhkeller]. David Today’s @MercNews front page: battle between eBooks and paperbacks in Book Clubs. NOT NEWS, unless they are hitting each other with them [dhkeller]. David […]

Latest Lifestream (April 5 2011)

David RT @SierraSun_News: Officials continue to monitor propane gas leaks in Soda Springs: SODA SPRINGS, Calif. – Utility and emergency… … [dhkeller]. David vWow! Blwout! Can’t decide whether I want to see Thornton’s 1000th point or Vlasic’s hat trick next? Can we get both? #sjSharks [dhkeller]. David Official Scoring Change takes away Vlasic’s second […]

Latest Lifestream (April 4 2011)

David @ESPN For the record, you couldn’t go 3 minutes before mentioning Maya Moore (shes not in this game, btw). Ridic. #WomensFinal4 [dhkeller]. David @ESPN I’ll use Twitter to point out that the Uconn player starring in this ‘Twitter in-depth piece’ is not in this game. #WomensFinal4 [dhkeller]. David @ESPN Anyone who knows how […]

Latest Lifestream (April 3 2011)

David while we have proven fairly inefficient in choosing our final IKEA alignment, I have become quite expert at building mock cardboard cabinets [dhkeller]. David MIlbury: Ducks "one of the best teams in hockey" … um, unless you count last night? #sjSharks [dhkeller]. David RT @espn: Tweet w/us during tonight’s Women’s Final Four games. […]