Latest Lifestream (May 31 2011)

David Last day of school isn’t until Thursday, but thanks to half-days and pizza parties, I have made my last bag lunch of the year. Celebrate! [dhkeller]. David posted San Jose Redevelopment Agency. […]

Latest Lifestream (May 30 2011)

David On the shore of Lake Tahoe, summer begins with a balmy 49° … but no dip in the lake. [dhkeller]. David shared Girls Standing in Lake Tahoe?. Girls Standing in Lake Tahoe? David Girls Standing in Lake Tahoe? [dhkeller]. […]

Latest Lifestream (May 29 2011)

2 inches so far. Expecting at least 4 mopre overnight. And Donner Ski Ranch is open tomorrow. Yep, it’s Memorial Day weekend at Donner S … [KarenMKeller]. David Insanity: 6" snow on Donner Summit today, and more is falling. … Makes up for not being able to come up during Feb/Mar storms. [dhkeller]. David […]

Latest Lifestream (May 28 2011)

David Cabin. 41°F inside. 35°F outside. Still 10-12 feet of snow on the g [dhkeller]. David round, but car is in the garage (first time since Feb) [dhkeller]. David Still no phone/internet or cable, but plenty of power and wood (and no, no propane). [dhkeller]. David Bundling up for a walk in the light […]

Latest Lifestream (May 27 2011)

David Wasn’t gonna do "Wish tonight was Gm6" meme, but my feed is full of #sytycd, and it’s hitting home. And yes, I’m recording it for my wife [dhkeller]. David @whimsicalwalney They all do, but we’ll be on the move for a lot of the summer, so I don’t know how much we’ll watch […]

Latest Lifestream (May 26 2011)

David Yes. RT @calipidder: So…it’s January? RT @kcbstraffic: Due to snow and accidents I-80 is closed both directions through Truckee Donner [dhkeller]. David It would be OK with me if @MercNews and @MercSharks turned down the number of times the end-of-season stories repopulate on their feeds. [dhkeller]. David multiple reports of 6" snow in […]

Latest Lifestream (May 25 2011)

David Using our Gm3 tickets for pregame pizza dinner at Round Table, doing our part. Will I get to use the Gm6 tickets next? #sjSharks [dhkeller]. David @HockeyRocker Are we going to resume our earlier discussion of linesmen, or just give knowing glances to each others twitter feed? [dhkeller]. David @whitneydowns The problem of […]

Latest Lifestream (May 24 2011)

David @VirtualGrl All of SJUSD [dhkeller]. David perfectly timed for #BosTBL intermission … RT @sharkvoice: Sorry it took so long, but here’s the latest SLNC [dhkeller]. David Anyone else troubled by the karma from @BretHedican‘s goatee shave in advance of Game 4? #sjSharks ;-p [dhkeller]. David @Auth0ridomini @Noctro I’ve stopped trying to figure […]

Latest Lifestream (May 23 2011)

David Oakridge in 11 minutes, with parking. [dhkeller]. Visited my parents this weekend and they got me hooked on Grey’s Anatomy. Totally obsessed. Marathon in Austin. [KarenMKeller]. David Watching HBO’s "You Don’t Know Jack" tonight. Very impressive movie about a huge issue. [Don’t panic; I’m not that upset about #sjSharks] [dhkeller]. David What happened […]