Latest Lifestream (May 22 2011)

David So my batchelor night now starting earlier than planned. Maybe I will go to Quakes game if I can find a ticket. [dhkeller]. David @zakkthebear That would be awesome. LMK details, or whether I should look elsewhere. [dhkeller]. David @zakkthebear Brilliant. Thanks! I’ll take it … now what? how/when/where [dhkeller]. David Tonight I’m […]

Latest Lifestream (May 21 2011)

David @hes_a_rebel Yeah, that’s excuse they use, but it’s not true. Can be done (I’ve done it). Just requires creativity, which they don’t have [dhkeller]. David @hes_a_rebel Did it for 5K. All you need are separate swapping stations for those who care. Of course you give out more, but you always do [dhkeller]. David […]

Latest Lifestream (May 20 2011)

David @brian_mayer Because you were not spending enough money there ;-p … True story; grocery layout is BIG business [dhkeller]. David My brush with Fame: Lost ASSU presidential election to Goodwin Liu in our junior year at Stanford. Who’s winning now? (Don’t answer that.) [dhkeller]. David terrible, terrible call against TB’s Bergeron there. Refer […]

Latest Lifestream (May 19 2011)

David Weep for the future: Paid exact change for $3.47 fast food snack. Cashier counted one quarter, two dimes, and two pennies FOUR times. Four! [dhkeller]. David Tremendous source of pride that my Girls can ID the specific #NHL History tagline in about four frames of video [dhkeller]. David #sjSharks 3-3 on power plays […]

Latest Lifestream (May 18 2011)

David shared 2 photos. 7yoF’s First Grade Art Show ‘Texture Drawing’ 7yoF’s First Grade Art Show ‘Texture Drawing’ David 7yoF’s First Grade Art Show ‘Texture Drawing’ [dhkeller]. David 7yoF’s First Grade Art Show ‘Texture Drawing’ [dhkeller]. David TBL scores 13 seconds in. Oh my Goodness, Boston. [dhkeller]. David LOL today’s @sjEarthquakes Groupon […]

Latest Lifestream (May 17 2011)

David RT @Noctro: That stick was just asking for it #TankVanc #SJSharks #Canucks #fearthefin (thx Jon Rider at Fe … [dhkeller]. David Between @MercNews and @MercSharks, Purdy’s Ryane Clowe story has shown in my feed about 18 times. So yeah, we get it. Publish something else [dhkeller]. David posted Rotarians Share Careers With […]

Latest Lifestream (May 16 2011)

David shared Playoff Beard – Day 32. Playoff Beard – Day 32 David Playoff Beard – Day 32 … for comparison purposes, here’s Day 34 from last year. [dhkeller]. David @Wompy Beard only made it to Day 41 last year. Hoping for a bit longer this year! Go Sharks! [dhkeller]. David Obviously […]

Latest Lifestream (May 15 2011)

David @agmendenhall I believe you meant liebe ;-p [dhkeller]. David Last 20 minutes of #USWNT v Japan on computer, NHL’s #Bruins v #Lightning on TV. Probably the only one in the world with that set-up [dhkeller]. David @wpsdude Innocently up for a long ball in the box. landed awkwardly on her right knee [dhkeller]. […]

Latest Lifestream (May 13 2011)

David Don’t know about you, but I have already written my #sjSharks postgame tweets for all possible outcomes. Strangely therapeutic. [dhkeller]. David @CSNSharks hah! Greg Papa just said JR "working for the Commissioner of the NHL Gary Bettman" …slip of the tongue, or poorly-kept secret? [dhkeller]. David Dude in #Canucks jersey holding sign behind […]