Latest Lifestream (June 30 2011)

David Welcome to England! 8a and I’ve set out on my own for an early morning coffee. Too bad there are no coffee shops in Stokeley. At all. Nada. [dhkeller]. David Took me 30 mins, but finally found an empty place in Gt Ayton. Asked two people who stared at me like I was […]

Thursday: Our Day in Original York

On Thursday, we finally struck out toward a destination city, as we visited York for the first time. Clear skies turned to a steady rain as we arrived at Clifford’s Tower, which afforded a spectacular view of the city before we began to explore it.

Clifford’s Tower is almost all that remains of York Castle, […]

Latest Lifestream (June 29 2011)

David shared 5 photos. 100_1640 100_1424 100_1516 IMG_9066 100_1647 David Good Morning! Very small uploading breakthrough … currently 34% through uploading 5 pictures to Flickr (just 1% of our total taken so far) [dhkeller]. David Today’s excursion: Alnwick Castle Real working castle, and external backdrop as Hogwarts in the Harry Potter movies [dhkeller]. […]

Alnwick Castle and The Magic of Harry Potter

No, no actual magic here. But it was very cool to see this well-maintained medieval Alnwick Castle, which was also used for some exterior scenes in the first two Harry Potter movies.

In particular, many of the scenes involving the broomstick and quidditch lessons from the first movie and the flying car from HP2 […]

Latest Lifestream (June 28 2011)

David Day 3 (Tuesday): I am the only one awake at 8a. CRAZY! … also yesterday’s weather was 84F with high sun and humidity. Today: Rainy and 60 [dhkeller]. admin published Our North Yorkshire Adventure Begins. David Very windy here on the top of the North York Moors (at Ralphs Cross). And now I […]

Now We Know What a Moor Is

Tuesday was a mellow day in the UK for us, with a simple drive into the meaty part of North York Moors National Park and the Park’s museum and visitors center in Danby.

And now we know what a Moor is! And it turns out the moors we are visiting were actually man-made, or […]

Our North Yorkshire Adventure Begins

Just try to say “North York Moor” 10 times fast! Toungue-twister or not, this is where our European 2011 Adventire has begun!

We traveled from SFO early Saturday morning on one of the most mundane travel experiences ever: No lines (none, no security line, no line at passport control, nothing). Our flights were all on […]

Latest Lifestream (June 27 2011)

David Awake! Through the magic of the internet, I am going do what I would have done if I were home. Get up at 5am and watch some Womens World Cup [dhkeller]. David Hhmm. Is there any chance I can watch Mexico v England in a bar around here? How would I even figure […]

Latest Lifestream (June 26 2011)

David Boarding! Next tweet will be from the UK, probably not until I get a sim card with data and a UK number. Fingers-crossed [dhkeller]. David England! 9:30 GMT. Stopped at a Moto in Birch for Costa coffee. 7yoF sleeping in her chair (didn’t sleep on plane). On to Leeds … [dhkeller]. Made it […]