Latest Lifestream (July 31 2011)

David Counties Bldg @CaliStateFair, where Lake County celebrates 150th Year with official timeline: "1989 – Loma Prieta Earthquake felt strongly" [dhkeller].

Latest Lifestream (July 30 2011)

David Another indication of huge Sierra snowpack: although snow melted, Lake Van Norden and meadow are very green and lush, plenty of lake still [dhkeller]. David A little weird to be leaving Cabin just before Serene Lakes Days, but we’re off the CA State Fair [dhkeller]. David Record shall reflect we were at Cal […]

Latest Lifestream (July 29 2011)

David Never seen @Safeway in Truckee less crowded and parking lot more empty. So of course, checker mistake doubled the checkout time [dhkeller]. David @aaronh Even better with the 2-for-1 deal on the Truckee HS 2011 Savings Card! On the prowl for 2012 card … [dhkeller]. David Remarkably pleasant on the Cabin Deck for […]

Latest Lifestream (July 28 2011)

David Hey @MisterSling: How about we get a volume button on your SlingBox online remote for my @Comcast DVR? So we can place-shift sound, too [dhkeller]. David Cabin. 12:45 am, only five more hours until Munich. Oh, wait. [dhkeller]. David Boom! … RT @timpmartin: whoa “@ussoccer: Bob Bradley has been relieved of his duties […]

Latest Lifestream (July 27 2011)

David Vancouver in January? #USWNT Olympic Quals Jan 20-29 – #sjSharks vs Canucks 1/21 – Snow at Whistler [dhkeller]. David @betch_m It’s at the huge indoor stadium where the CFL plays, I believe. I could make a week of it all told! [dhkeller]. David @portlanddad Goalie! Reminds me of old, old womens […]

Latest Lifestream (July 26 2011)

David @HP @Palm My new #TouchPad has synced with G-Cal exactly once in 10 days, and Butler can’t fix it. Going back today. @vara411 @addiarmadar [dhkeller]. David RT @ussoccer_wnt: It will be in Vancouver from Jan. 19-29 #USWNT // RT @shannon_hovan: Any idea if 2012 Olympic qualifying games will be … [dhkeller]. […]

Latest Lifestream (July 25 2011)

David Getting all of @KarenMKeller‘s work clothes dry cleaned, $153. Not having any personal work clothes, priceless. [dhkeller]. David impromptu Mini-Golf! Not cheap, but something for the Girls to do while I try to wrangle-up team rosters for soccer league. [dhkeller]. David Simple observation: just sitting here watching mini-golf, the slowest common denominator is […]

Latest Lifestream (July 24 2011)

David Wait a minute. None of purchased @TMBG‘s "Join Us" will play after upload to Amazon Player or on my mp3 player. Dont tell me they use DRM! [dhkeller]. David Not only has @ATT finally repaired cabin phone, but also got Wireless MicroCell all set-up too. Can barely handle the connectivity @ATTTina [dhkeller]. @csborg […]

Latest Lifestream (July 23 2011)

David 7yoF going on a "Library Strike," refuses to go to Library and checkout other books until we let her read Harry Potter 3. [dhkeller]. David Better than #sjSharks 3rd Jersey! <rimshot> … RT @brodiebrazilCSN: New logos for Winnipeg Jets… what do you think? [dhkeller]. David Definition of Procrastination: Just mailed Girls’ postcards […]