Latest Lifestream (August 31 2011)

David Searching online for an inspiring logo idea for the U15G ‘Dynamite’ would be a lot easier if Napolean hadn’t made his movie ;-( [dhkeller]. David 7yoF *still* sick (full week now) and it’s killing me. Doctor calls if ‘walking pneumonia’ … I call if effing pneumonia. [dhkeller]. David pretty sure I just strained […]

Latest Lifestream (August 30 2011)

David It’s official: I now have a lifetime supply of graduated 3tsp plastic medicine cups. Drug manufacturers can stop putting them in every box [dhkeller]. David Clever! … RT @Flickr: Introducing geofences! Set areas you want to keep your location info private [dhkeller]. […]

Latest Lifestream (August 29 2011)

David RT @KidsAreHeroes: "Our goal is to create a generational shift where volunteering becomes part of child development.” #kidsareheroes [dhkeller]. David Random combination of unplanned events has me at the middle school in a car when classes get out. Never again! [dhkeller]. […]

Latest Lifestream (August 28 2011)

David Loving @Live105‘s all Pearl Jam hours today, celebrating their 25th Anniversary as a band. In related news, I am old. [dhkeller]. David Yep. Screwed by FedEx Kinkos again. Online estimate price $199 magically becomes $326 in-store. Of course, confirmation email omits estimate [dhkeller]. David placed online order for Mtn Mikes Pizza to deliver […]

Latest Lifestream (August 27 2011)

David Season Openers for Girls’ youth soccer league today. 7yoF still has low-grade fever, begging to play. 12yoJ refereeing for real. [dhkeller]. David First game down. U8 Fiery Dragons win comfortably. 7yoF helps with a touch-free clean sheet in goal. [dhkeller]. David U15G "Dynamite" game ends with a 1-goal victory. Two games, and the […]

Latest Lifestream (August 26 2011)

David So thrilled SVSE @SanJoseSharks changed corporate name. Now maybe they can focus on providing season-ticket-holders with online statements [dhkeller]. David @mediatemple Getting error: "#145 – Table ‘./db42928_wgf/wgf_posts’ is marked as crashed and should be repaired" … Submitted Req# 1284433 [dhkeller]. David someone with my last name in Fort Recovery, Ohio ordered some Ephedra. […]

Latest Lifestream (August 25 2011)

David Don’t know if it foretells anything, but 12yoJ changed out of school uniform right away when she got home today. First time w/o provocation [dhkeller]. David Crap. Now tomorrow’s morning newspaper really won’t have anything important in it. [dhkeller]. David Gonna let you all go on about Steve Jobs, but eventually I want […]

Latest Lifestream (August 24 2011)

David Neighbor cut down a tree Sunday night, and I ratted him out to City of SJ (yep, I’m that guy). Code Enforcement just confirmed was illegal [dhkeller]. David I have too many projects going on right now with too many cooks. Everyone out of my kitchen! [dhkeller]. […]

Latest Lifestream (August 23 2011)

David @addiarmadar Oh yeah, @OfficeDepot price-matched this morning. But my wife wants an extra now, too 😉 [dhkeller]. David @csborg Opinion Poll: Is it Ok if ATB’s middle school told her to sign-up for Twitter w/o telling you so they could text her activity info? [dhkeller]. David @csborg Yeah, I agree. I think it […]