Latest Lifestream (September 30 2011)

David Reduced Library hours have noticeable impact on parking. For example, woman parked next to me has been reading in her car since we arrived [dhkeller]. David Also, I assume the Library’s lengthy multi-lingual closing reminder now begins playing immediately after opening [dhkeller]. David Dinner with the Girls at new ‘Which Wich’ at The […]

Latest Lifestream (September 29 2011)

David shared 20 photos. 4-Whittell 2-Young 3-Swanson 2-3-Miller K-Brown 3-Braunstein 2-Olson-Hoffman K-Romero 4-Macon 5-Davidson 5-Ehrke 5-King 3-Alderette 1-Krop 4-Kolda 4-Medina 3-Yamada 2-Trefero 3-5-Gipstein 5-Sheen David There might be 27 new photos on my Flickr stream [dhkeller]. David @triscutbiscut @wpsdude @radlein Dunno why we are bragging, but I have BRIGHT orange Chastain CyberRay jersey […]

Latest Lifestream (September 28 2011)

David Excuse du jour for missing soccer practice: toothache, dentist appt. FOUR diff kids in past two weeks. Dentists doing well, I guess? [dhkeller]. David 97°F on the porch. Guess the flat tire that stopped me from biking to pick-up 7yoF was a blessing in disguise? [dhkeller]. David News Flash: 7yoF may have decided […]

Latest Lifestream (September 27 2011)

David RT @Radlein: How Last Night’s Passport Save Happened on #amazingrace: [dhkeller]. David Dilemma: I expect @NHLShanahan‘s suspensions will tamp down these awful hits, but I *LOVE* watching his videos. moar plz? [dhkeller]. David Planning Halloween decorations and yard tombstones tonight. Pretty sure the Carbutts will be visiting from England [dhkeller]. […]

Latest Lifestream (September 26 2011)

David @Donholio True of almost every word, actually ;-P [dhkeller]. David The Amazing Race #TAR may be good family viewing, but the commercials for The Good Wife are really inappropriate. [dhkeller]. David New N300 Home WiFi won’t play nice with my phone. Don’t let this be harbinger of things to come. Need my technology […]

Latest Lifestream (September 25 2011)

David 2nd U15G Dynamite games ends 4-2. At least we scored this time! [dhkeller]. David Curious @MercNews story on Bad Boys Bailbonds v @SanJoseSharks totally ignores gangs’ use of #sjSharks logo and issues with Bailbonds biz [dhkeller]. David First family visit to Famous Dave’s BBQ today. Also, last visit to Famous Dave’s BBQ today. […]

Latest Lifestream (September 24 2011)

David Wait. No "4 in the Net" this year? Boo @SanJoseSharks Round Table Pizza feels burned at HP Pavilion – SV/SJ Biz Journal [dhkeller]. David 12yoJ’s Dynamite lost another game 5-0. Can’t score if you don’t have the ball. Can we break the streak in afternoon double-header at 2:15? [dhkeller]. David @SanJoseSharks Taking […]

Latest Lifestream (September 23 2011)

David New season of #Dexter starts next week. Wonder if Comcast Xfinity is running any new subscriber promos? @SHO_Dexter @SHO_Network [dhkeller]. David RT @NeoApotheker: It would be so dumb to pull the plug on me after such a short time. Would you put a product out and pull it after a mo … [dhkeller]. […]

Latest Lifestream (September 22 2011)

David have blown thru 2 power supplies for my 3yo ASUS netbook. New one today doesn’t work either (shuts itself off). Could it be the netbook? [dhkeller]. David It’s school fundraiser night at Aqui, so as you would expect, there is no parking within 3 miles of the place [dhkeller]. David On our way. […]