Latest Lifestream (October 31 2011)

David shared 20 photos. Halloween Jack-O-Lanterns 2011 100_2832 100_2803 100_2794 100_2789 IMG_6049 100_2846 IMG_5797 Halloween Jack-O-Lanterns 2011 100_2788 IMG_5889 IMG_5787 100_2802 100_2785 Halloween Jack-O-Lanterns 2011 100_2768 IMG_5768 IMG_5877 Moreland Woods Pumpkin Patch & Haunted Trail 100_2848 David Uploading Birthday Party pics to Flickr. Auto-tweet from @IFTTT coming up. #NotaTeenagerUntilThursday [dhkeller]. David There might be […]

Latest Lifestream (October 30 2011)

David Pro-Tip: Doubt even the trained-eye can tell the difference between Diddam’s white and silver balloons. Related: now floating home above WG [dhkeller]. David And just because we are hosting 12yoJ’s 13th birthday party today doesn’t mean she’s a teenager yet. Thursday. [dhkeller]. David One hour into the ‘Ghost’ themed birthday party, and it […]

Latest Lifestream (October 29 2011)

David Why yes, that is my daughter wearing pajamas at her sister’s soccer practice. Will be dropping 7yoF at pajama party at school later tonight [dhkeller]. David 7th Grade Science Jocelyn’s Plant Cell – As part of the seventh grade science curriculum at her middle school, Joce… [dhkeller]. David Cool @WillowStreet tonight. Called […]

7th Grade Science – Jocelyn’s Plant Cell

As part of the seventh grade science curriculum at her middle school, Jocelyn recently completed a project to create a 3D replica of a plant cell. A big slab of styrofoam, a little fabric, some playdough … and viola!

Aside from using the circular saw to cut the styrofoam and a razor blade to slice […]

Latest Lifestream (October 27 2011)

David shared 3 photos. Halloween Costume Dry-Run Halloween Costume Dry-Run Halloween Costume Dry-Run David There might be 3 new photos on my Flickr stream [dhkeller]. David "Walkathon" has such cache in this community, WGMS is hosting a "walkathon" next week. But all pledges must be flat and prepaid. Not a thon! [dhkeller]. David […]

Latest Lifestream (October 26 2011)

David @timpmartin Sorry I missed live tweets. Was at soccer practice, and just finished on DVR. 12yoJ & I will be at Shark Tank 11/5 for rematch [dhkeller]. David @suemcal Cardboard, gray spray paint, sharpie. You paint. He can cut/write. Clothes hanger as stake in lawn. Turn off sprinklers. [dhkeller]. David Confession: Hoarding plastic […]

Latest Lifestream (October 25 2011)

David @OhMySwed3 @Puckguy14 Stick to the eye? … RT @PhilBBG: Pronger after Mikhail Grabovski’s follow-through hit him [dhkeller]. David Avoid Curtner anyway on Sat … RT @mercnews: Another Hells Angel funeral slated for Oak Hill, but this one private [dhkeller]. David temporary dishwashing station in the laundry room now covered with broken […]

Latest Lifestream (October 24 2011)

David Nice visit with our friends Michael and JoAnn this afternoon. 40% off, 50% off, 20% off, oh my! [dhkeller]. David Exciting moments at Sushi Kazoo, as 7yoF mispronounces "yam-yam nigiri" as it floats by on the boat [dhkeller]. David Speaking of, I put sushi roll names in the same category as ski resort […]

Latest Lifestream (October 23 2011)

David True Story: Opposing coach recruited/scouted 12yoJ thru me on mutual sideline. As if I’d let her play for coach with such poor sportsmanship [dhkeller]. David More sloppy than compelling, this speedy #sjSharks v #Bruins game could be shortest total time ever. 11:l30 left is 2nd, game started at 4p. [dhkeller]. David @OhMySwed3 I […]