Latest Lifestream (November 30 2011)

David Tree Guy is late. Either he forgot or he took one look at the Ginkgo and turned his rig around. [dhkeller]. David He just called to reschedule. But technically, I still have more twitter spammers on "arborist" than I do actual responses to my phone calls [dhkeller]. David Sorry, Twitter #sjSharks Fans: I […]

Latest Lifestream (November 29 2011)

David Would a snow shower get a penalty in a Winter Classic played in New York? I think not. [dhkeller]. David @OhMySwed3 McLaren totally didn’t get his two minutes’ worth [dhkeller]. David 7yoF got a snow shower from a younger skier at Sugar Bowl on Saturday. And lived. Suck it up, Quick. [dhkeller]. David […]

Latest Lifestream (November 28 2011)

David Just finished a good snowshoe walk on western edge of Lake Van Norden Meadow, along the dam and berms. Beautiful. [dhkeller]. David Thanksgiving is officially over. i just ate the traditional last bite of Pretzel-Jello. … Merry Christmas everyone! (?) [dhkeller]. David My annual battle against "Baby It’s Cold Outside" has begun. How […]

Latest Lifestream (November 26 2011)

David Sure sign of Apocalypse: iDevice peeps trying to config ‘Ticket to Ride’ Apps so five can play, despite presence of physical game right here [dhkeller]. David RT @sleep_til_noon: @dhkeller That’s iPocalypse to you, sir. [dhkeller]. David @sleep_til_noon Hah! My humble mountain DSL connection always grinds to a halt when my folks visit. Too […]

Latest Lifestream (November 25 2011)

David Done cooking. Wine, please! … Fwiw, that silly red button popped 15 mins *after* I took the turkey out, so there! [dhkeller]. David shared Happy Thanksgiving from Tahoe!. Happy Thanksgiving from Tahoe! David Happy Thanksgiving from Tahoe! [dhkeller]. David There might be 1 new photos on my Flickr stream [dhkeller]. David […]

Latest Lifestream (November 24 2011)

David For all the fodder her old condo provides, still thankful we get to have dinner with our Aunt tonight. Then off to Tahoe for the weekend. [dhkeller]. David Thankful for our Cabin: 33°7yoF outside, balmy 37° inside. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! [dhkeller]. David Light snow falling on Donner Summit, not really enough to add […]

Latest Lifestream (November 23 2011)

David With a new 13yo, it takes advanced calculus to figure out the best @souplantation coupon option. They need a "Family with Kid/Teen" deal. [dhkeller]. David @kcraFinan Any fog in the CV tonight? We are driving Tracy to Roseville around 9pm [dhkeller]. David How to get @ifttt to auto-embed an emailed PDF doc to […]

Latest Lifestream (November 22 2011)

David Ack! Hickelbees already playing Christmas music. #BahHumbug [dhkeller]. David RT @rbrome: HP: We spent $3.3 billion to destroy an innovative and promising key asset in the most important space in the technology ind … [dhkeller]. David RT @NikkiFinke: NBC Gives Full-Season Order To ‘Grimm’, Gives It Thursday 10 PM Tryout [dhkeller]. David […]

Latest Lifestream (November 21 2011)

David on aggregate, Fiery Dragons & Dynamite score once in five tournament games. Do the math: 8-Year Streak w/o post-season hardware still alive! [dhkeller]. David T-Mac makes a good goalie decision. Is that on #SHARKO? … MT @KKurzCSN: McLellan explains decision to start Greiss tonight [dhkeller]. David @KKurzCSN I think he is right not […]