Latest Lifestream (December 31 2011)

David We’ve got two kits, so … Coming up next: Iron Chef Gingerbread House competition. Secret ingredient: Bananas and Cheez-Its [dhkeller]. David @svtwinmom Flexible spending accounts have become unreasonably inflexible. Have outgrown their usefulness with bureaucratic burdens. [dhkeller]. David Lame that Google Wallet requires cc info to purchase FREE music. OTOH, free Pearl Jam! […]

Latest Lifestream (December 30 2011)

David What does the outdoorsperson do when there’s no snow to snowboard? Cabellas across the border in Nevada is letting the kids do archery [dhkeller]. David And now we’re going to take the Kids to Boomtown. Yep, we really need it to snow. [dhkeller]. David Can we get to top of Crow’s Nest by […]

Latest Lifestream (December 29 2011)

David RT @TahoeNorth: What to do when you’re not skiing… [dhkeller].

Latest Lifestream (December 28 2011)

David Yes, TNT Ride Extreme Sports, I’ll pay you $6 to ship that stomp pad. How about you just slide it into a 1st Class envelope for me? [dhkeller]. David So what if it’s Dec 27. Christmas in the Park in downtown SJ tonight. And free street parking in the freight-loading zone too. [dhkeller]. […]

Latest Lifestream (December 27 2011)

David Just had the ceremonial first reading of the rules for one of our new board games, which we will now all break and re-write for expediency [dhkeller]. David #sjSharks only starting 2nd period on my DVR, but 13yoJ has looked up the final on her Xmas smartphone. Not sure how I feel about […]

Latest Lifestream (December 26 2011)

David Most Wonderful DAY of The Year – It’s Christmas Day of course! And it brings our traditional Mommy Christmas Carol f… [dhkeller]. David got maybe one more bag-hoarding shopping run in me before 2012 … RT @mercnews: BYOB (bring your own bag) in SJ stores [dhkeller]. David My Bro on TV! […]

Latest Lifestream (December 25 2011)

David RT @NoradSanta: Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace – #Santa is enjoying the sites and a spot of tea. See his journey! http:// … [dhkeller]. David @Grumpydoc Hah! … but then there’s butter, garlic, bread, spinach salad, beer, wine … Wait, was I supposed to buy all that earlier? ;-p [dhkeller]. David That […]

Most Wonderful DAY of The Year

It’s Christmas Day of course! And it brings our traditional Mommy Christmas Carol for 2011, which is a fun mash-up of Martin-Keller Family memes.

2011: The Most Wonderful DAY of The Year

First of all, the official song isn’t “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.” That’s a totally different song, and it […]

Latest Lifestream (December 24 2011)

David so, TWICE this month, I’ve checked @Comcast @xfinity_tv DVR to confirm recording of #sjSharks game, then it didn’t. Going back after Holiday [dhkeller]. David @oshanada Don’t know for sure, but they’ve tended to be around holidays, so I assume he’s home with Family in SK [dhkeller]. David 7yoF’s morning checklist: Cuddle, then check […]