Latest Lifestream (January 31 2012)

David @Safeway Let’s get Just for U "not interested" button. Stop pet food (cat died 2yrs ago). My youngest is 8, yet you offer me diaper deals. [dhkeller]. David pleased to report that after 24 hours of flu and/or dehydration, 13yoJ is back to functioning within normal parameters. [dhkeller]. David Dear WG Aqui: You’ve […]

Latest Lifestream (January 30 2012)

David RT @KarenMKeller: Top of Lincoln with Felicia this time. [dhkeller]. David RT @KarenMKeller: Top of Lincoln with Jocelyn. [dhkeller]. David Goal of the Tournament? … 😉 RT @JacquelinePurdy: So, Alex Morgan can score goals in first half? Like we all thought she could? #uswnt [dhkeller]. David @crossconference Mexican referees don’t call […]

Latest Lifestream (January 29 2012)

David @switchgear Dude I was just there! (top of Lincoln, though) [dhkeller]. David Started a bit late @SugarBowl1939, since conditions aren’t the greatest. But Mt. Judah is open today! [dhkeller]. Top of Lincoln with Jocelyn. [KarenMKeller]. Top of Lincoln with Felicia this time. [KarenMKeller]. […]

Latest Lifestream (January 28 2012)

David RT @ussoccer_wnt: #USWNT starters vs. CRC for berth to Olympics: Solo; O’Hara, Buehler, Rampone (C), LePeilbet; O’Reilly, Lloyd, Boxx, C … [dhkeller]. David Excited to see KO! … RT @JeffreyCarlisle: #uswnt Solo; LePeilbet, Rampone, Buehler, O’Hara; Lloyd, Boxx; Heath, Cheney, O’Reilly; Wambach [dhkeller]. David RT @tmbg: TMBG playing on CONAN last night […]

Latest Lifestream (January 27 2012)

David Terrible accident in back of WGMS just now on Cherry Ave. Little brother hit by car driven by WGHS student. Big police/ems presence. Avoid. [dhkeller]. David Accident aside, Twitter and 13yoJ’s wifi device worked very well while we were audibilizing around the scene. Yes, audibilizing. [dhkeller]. David the @SuddenDK Twitter ID I’ve been […]

Latest Lifestream (January 26 2012)

David Got me. Was just offered a bag for my purchases, and I raised my eyebrow … Then remembered I was in Campbell. [dhkeller]. David 13yoJ’s "Competitive Soccer Era" began tonight with first team meeting. Or more specifically, begins now with $400+ installment payment. [dhkeller]. David so nice of my "new" @Comcast @xfinity_tv DVR […]

Latest Lifestream (January 25 2012)

David 13yoJ qualified for "Honor Roll T-Shirt" from WGMS. So they gave her adult medium. Might fit by the time she graduates high school. [dhkeller]. David @Grumpydoc Thanks. So far, so good. [dhkeller]. David @timpmartin I can wear it on ‘free-dress’ Fridays! [dhkeller]. David @zoe Yeah, but just wait until you are in a […]

Latest Lifestream (January 24 2012)

David @CSNSharks @BretHedican As a former player, Bret, how much of a difference does the ice in Edmonton really make? [dhkeller]. David Geez, I’ve been staring at the garage for days, and the dimensions *still* haven’t changed to fit IKEA shelves perfectly. Time for a hack? [dhkeller]. David Woo! @CSNSharks [dhkeller]. David […]

Latest Lifestream (January 23 2012)

David RT @SoccerInsider: #uswnt has now outscored the giants [dhkeller]. David Jinx? … RT @mercnews: So ya wanna go to the SUPER BOWL Niner fans? Well, it’s ain’t easy, but here’s the skinny [dhkeller]. David And after holding F’s birthday during the first half, we are now out for Chinese New Year dinner […]