Latest Lifestream (February 29 2012)

David Fair warning: I may or may not be quoted @MercNews in next few days, about using multiple communication channels in volunteer work [dhkeller]. David @nuggetsauce #sjSharks website currently says the game is on both! And the says it is on @CSNSharks [dhkeller]. David @CSNSharks @nuggetsauce … although given the way the road […]

Latest Lifestream (February 28 2012)

David while today’s Tahoe snow may be "helping," another early-week Powder Day is not helping. *sigh* [dhkeller]. David Pulling off corkboard adhesive over old wallpaper from 8yoF’s walls. Of course, the messiest drywall gouges are in the most visible corner. [dhkeller]. David Good thing she’s not still 2yoF. Otherwise it would probably be bad […]

Latest Lifestream (February 27 2012)

David @hes_a_rebel Pavs has been fine … but Clowe has also mentioned, and he’s completely disappeared. [dhkeller]. David #sjSharks score first?!? What is the world coming to? [dhkeller]. David @SJSharks88 Because he’s been terrible 😉 … Second only to White IMHO, but we don’t have enough depth to scratch him right now. [dhkeller]. David […]

Latest Lifestream (February 26 2012)

David Wait. Colin White *AGAIN* ? … #sjSharks [dhkeller]. David I like Drew telling us exactly how White screwed that up. Twice. [dhkeller]. David Penalty kill. Finally some momentum? [dhkeller]. David @donholio #sjSharks out-shooting Preds! 😛 [dhkeller]. David RT @KKurzCSN: Antti Niemi pulled for second time in three games, as Thomas Greiss enters after […]

Latest Lifestream (February 25 2012)

David Scenic, but trafficky drive home. Aside from the Girl Scout Cookies we just sold, no good generic reason not to drive home after dinner. [dhkeller]. David Don’t want to suggest remodel of 8yoF’s room will be tough, but I’m banned from tossing 2-week-old water bottle full of dissolved skittles [dhkeller]. David @Edubya Hah! […]

Latest Lifestream (February 24 2012)

David @donholio I was going to go with Greiss, but @SJSharks88 beat me to the joke 😛 / @SanJoseSharks [dhkeller]. David @donholio … Ahem … We can only hope he stays on the bench … amirite? [dhkeller]. David @PollakOnSharks A) How many arenas actually have organs anymore, and B) Certainly we know it, but […]

Latest Lifestream (February 23 2012)

David … The myth of the eight-hour sleep via @zite [dhkeller]. David @CouchTarts I’m not a religious man, but I pray everyday, that the Caps’ fate does not befall us. Nay, every time I read Twitter, actually. [dhkeller]. David @CouchTarts too many similarities. We had our Pres Trophy meltdown first, but we haven’t […]

Latest Lifestream (February 22 2012)

David If #sjSharks want to play some lousy hockey, at least it’s in February and while my @ATT WiFi service is terrible so I can’t really see it. [dhkeller]. David Goodbye, Nemo. Someone DM me if this game becomes worth fighting my WiFi for. *sigh* [dhkeller]. David RT @PollakOnSharks: Those three CBJ goals against […]

Latest Lifestream (February 21 2012)

David @zoe Beat the crap out of the guys? [dhkeller]. David Checking out JAX at The Tracks coffee shop, ahead of impromptu skating with friends at Northstar (and requisite roasting of marshmallows)! [dhkeller]. David New twist @sugarbowl1939 for us: Riding the Gondola to start at the Village Lodge today. 8yoF looking forward to her […]