Latest Lifestream (February 20 2012)

David @ATT @ATTCustomerCare Why is my DSL internet connection so slooooow right now. I pay a lot of money to have it not work when I need it. [dhkeller]. David @ATTTeamNatasha SLOOOW with multiple computers (but only one at time), diff browsers, only ATT equipment: Speed Test range 1.34 to 2.96 Mbps [dhkeller]. David […]

Latest Lifestream (February 19 2012)

David @dkdsgn Um, your insurance does cover snowboarding injuries. Or car accidents, and many other risks. [dhkeller]. David @dkdsgn Sure you choose it, but the risks are never really certain. "I’m on the pill" … "I don’t have any STDs" …. you sure about that? [dhkeller]. David @dkdsgn Fair question (but totally different from […]

Latest Lifestream (February 18 2012)

David @SanJoseSharks Anyone *NOT* choosing Moore? #sjSharks I’ll take him anyway 😉 [dhkeller]. David Hooking on Greiss? Really? Thought you had to have two hands in your stick to be called for hooking? #sjSharks [dhkeller]. David @SharksStats I prefer "inside the non-trapezoidal area" 😛 [dhkeller]. David I think I accept most of my Stay-at-Home-Dad […]

Latest Lifestream (February 17 2012)

David um, awkward? … RT @fearthefin: #SJSharks acquire TB fwd Dominic Moore (and 7th) for 2nd round pick (formerly MINN) [dhkeller]. David jeez. That annoying TBL goal horn blows for longer than that power play lasted. [dhkeller]. David @Wompy @fearthefin Also, I guess when you’re traded to your **9th** NHL team, you get […]

Latest Lifestream (February 16 2012)

David Three-point turns and full-on u-turns in a School Zone are disgusting. Just stop it, people. [dhkeller]. David @charlesmarleau That’s "41-year-old Teemu Selanne" … I believe he’s changed his name legally (PENS broadcasters say it every time). [dhkeller]. David @Edubya You’re all set: Scientists Study How Little Exercise You Need – Slashdot [dhkeller]. […]

Latest Lifestream (February 15 2012)

David @teamsnap getting an error message when subscribing with GCal. "You do not have access to U13 Quicksilver Black’s calendar." Help. Thx! [dhkeller]. David @zoe I can see why you said TmSnap was easiest thing ever. It doesn’t actually do anything … Related: It won’t play with Gcal for me ;-( [dhkeller]. David @teamsnap […]

Latest Lifestream (February 14 2012)

David RT @neiltyson: Never liked multiple choice tests. They don’t allow you to have deeper thoughts than those of the person who wrote the test. [dhkeller]. David RT @mercnews: With holiday ahead, Sierra ski resorts celebrating real snow [dhkeller]. David So Emrick asks Pierre about #sjSharks, and the answer is 30 secs about […]

Tale of Two (or Three) Grandpas?

It’s time for a 2nd Grade simile and metaphor lesson!

Editor’s Note: We’re going to withhold the name of the intended grandpa (Felicia did write this about one in particular, but it’s more fun to keep Grandpa, Papa, and GrandPaPa guessing!

My Grandpa is … by Felicia Keller

Old like Methusala, Hungry like […]

Latest Lifestream (February 13 2012)

David Statistical anomaly or Refereeing? … MT @SharksStats: Blues four 5-on-3 goals this season. Three of those against Sharks, all in St. Louis [dhkeller]. David Worst thing about #sjSharks East Coast roadies is the game ends and suddenly I haven’t made dinner. [dhkeller]. David RT @i80chains: CHAINS: 3 MI EAST OF GOLD RUN To […]