Latest Lifestream (March 31 2012)

David Almaden Expressway is the new Hamilton Avenue. [dhkeller]. David Just pointing out the obvious: I did not win the lottery, but lost less money than everyone who bought a ticket. [dhkeller]. David Because why would you send an email to the head coach when you cancel picture day? [dhkeller]. David #Q98 Soccer road […]

Latest Lifestream (March 30 2012)

David It’s not entirely clear that I can watch tonight’s #sjSharks game: I’m sitting in front of my TV watching, but I’m not sure I can watch ;-( [dhkeller]. David @KKurzCSN You’re assuming they won’t face each other in the playoffs? ( WCF? Anyone? ) ;-p [dhkeller]. David @KKurzCSN Hehe. You’re the ticket, man! […]

Latest Lifestream (March 29 2012)

David Wait. Did the #sjSharks and Ducks just skate a penalty-free game (not counting whatever crap refs are doing here with 9s left)? [dhkeller]. David And CGY and LAK-CBJ .. RT @MercPurdy: If Sharks miss playoffs on last night, it won’t be because of that game. It’ll be because of this game [dhkeller]. David […]

Latest Lifestream (March 28 2012)

David @hockeydarling @_cristina_ He’s only got 21 GP. They don’t know him well enough yet. … But I would take him back over Colin White. [dhkeller]. David @atheinho Vols lost yesterday to Baylor. [dhkeller]. David RT @mercnews: San Jose Sharks player Tommy Wingels helps lead way on ‘You Can Play’ [dhkeller]. David RT […]

Latest Lifestream (March 27 2012)

David Trolling the Pioneer HS parking lot for the best WiFi signal. As you do. [dhkeller]. David @Nitro Or, will "energy we used at the end of the season" be the blame line for playoff failure? / cc @CSNSharks @Bakes_Jamie13 @fearthefin [dhkeller]. David @SGC72: Baylor 44 – 36 Tenn 2.29 2nd [dhkeller]. David First […]

Latest Lifestream (March 26 2012)

David Was just asked to be the Girls’ caller for Twister. 8yoF gave me very specific, thorough instructions (must think her dad’s an idiot?) [dhkeller]. David from @MercNews Bold, daylight kidnap attempt of 16-year-old girl in Willow Glen – San Jose Mercury News – [dhkeller]. David The Twister rules have now been modified. […]

Latest Lifestream (March 25 2012)

David Well, game was not canceled, but it did rain throughout. Playing League Director’s team, we never had a chance. But we’re gonna get better! [dhkeller]. David Pouring rainy soccer game gives new Garage Locker Room a good test. Everything’s pretty wet. Will our gear dry for 13yoJ’s game tomorrow? [dhkeller]. David @hes_a_rebel @SanJoseSharks […]

Latest Lifestream (March 24 2012)

David #Lame: @CAGreatAmerica charges more for renewing customers on their website than newbies who buy season pass at Costco. #Scam [dhkeller]. David Just bagged and trashed a dead rat that was on the soccer pitch. As you do. [dhkeller]. David Planes @FlySJC taking off to the south, 8yoF’s first soccer game scheduled for 3pm. […]

Latest Lifestream (March 23 2012)

David 8yoF’s first soccer practice went really well. All girls were there, worked hard, looked good. Of course, I have no idea what 4v4 will bring [dhkeller]. David For a 2-0 #sjSharks lead with 15 shots allowed, 6min left … It’s still very quiet in this building. We don’t know what to think. [dhkeller]. […]