Latest Lifestream (April 30 2012)

David @rwlynn Maybe 😉 … but I think it’s crazier that there could be that many s’more recipes. We may have over-complicated that a bit? [dhkeller]. David 13yoJ’s AFC comp team is looking for players. Some of my Rec players can hack it, but I’m afraid to mention the cost. How do I even […]

Latest Lifestream (April 29 2012)

Tested out my 20 year old roller blades today. They still work. So do I. Yay! [KarenMKeller]. David Home Garden Patio show. Andersen window rep just broke a frame mid-demo. "These are just our display windows, not actual product." Right. [dhkeller]. David Home Show,: I’ve always wondered how many weekend sales are made to […]

Latest Lifestream (April 28 2012)

13yoJ just rocked it at the WGMS talent show. [KarenMKeller]. David Film at 11 … RT @KarenMKeller: 13yoJ just rocked it at the WGMS talent show. [dhkeller]. David @Noctro Glad you like it! My little brother is a location carpenter. The cool buildings and sets are things his team builds [dhkeller]. David Video of […]

Latest Lifestream (April 27 2012)

David Just like 2nd Round: No #sjSharks (although relieved in this case) … RT @wyshynski: New Puck Daddy: Jersey Fouls: [dhkeller]. David @98JMK OK. We’ll do it later. Maybe also good to put on your phone as additional backup. [dhkeller]. […]

Talent Show “Reflection” for Jocelyn

This week was the annual Talent Show at Willow Glen Middle School. Among many great acts featuring singing and dancing, Jocelyn selected a song to perform solo in front of parents and peers.

From Friday, April 27, 2012 … Jocelyn sings “Reflection” from Disney’s Mulan:

Mulan was originally released in 1998 — as was […]

Latest Lifestream (April 26 2012)

David Raining at practice. So why would SJUSD Bret Hart MS leave the gates unlocked? So much safer to make everyone drive into the lot with no … [dhkeller]. David @_cristina_ Sorry to bring that up ;-). You probably don’t remember how ghastly the parking is. Can’t imagine the chaos in the morning. [dhkeller]. […]

Latest Lifestream (April 25 2012)

David Making Lemonade: CSTs mean little/no homework, so we’re going to the movies. ‘Chimpanzee’ after family dinner out. [dhkeller]. David Chimpanzee: Good family viewing with real life drama. Extraordinary visuals. Slow moments even at 78 mins, but some funny times too. [dhkeller]. David More Chimpanzee: a bit over-narrated (Tim Allen), but that allowed fighting […]

Latest Lifestream (April 24 2012)

David RT @MViviano88: @nuggetsauce @PollakOnSharks I’d keep McLellan one more year, but fire Shaw & Woodcroft. Need better assistants, better … [dhkeller]. David @MViviano88 @nuggetsauce @PollakOnSharks Agree on Assts. Losing Yawney had a bigger impact than most realize. Needed veteran replacement. [dhkeller]. David With the number of robocalls from SJUSD reminding us about altered […]

Latest Lifestream (April 22 2012)

David @CSNSharks It’s a nice intro, but a real shame we have to waste the Rocky analogy so early in April (or, in April at all). *sigh* [dhkeller]. David Tell it, brother @BretHedican: "The PK has been terrible. The power play has been terrible." Amen. [dhkeller]. David But this hole is a Par 5 […]