Latest Lifestream (May 31 2012)

David Lassen VNP forecasting Hwy89 open through entire park on June 1 … We might try @LassenNP again this year [dhkeller]. David "Free Dress" at school, but 13yoJ and best friend end up wearing same black w/white stripe soccer shorts. Does "free will" really exist? [dhkeller]. David Deleting/deactivating all my school year @ifttt […]

Latest Lifestream (May 30 2012)

David @nuggetsauce Annnd the #sjSharks win the last game? [dhkeller]. David I don’t recall @MercNews (and yes, @markedwinemmons) being so concerned with last year’s Stanley Cup Finals #hint #hint 😉 [dhkeller]. David I got bored trying to figure out what Klout thinks I am influential on. What does that do to my score? [dhkeller]. […]

Latest Lifestream (May 29 2012)

David shared 2 photos. IMG_0949 IMG_0957 David For those who can handle the truth, in all its winless glory, I storified 13yoJ’s Q98B spring soccer season … Enjoy? [dhkeller]. David @Pattyoboe My family is going to see the show Tuesday night. Break a leg! [dhkeller]. David RT @JeffKassouf: #USWNT gets the front and […]

Latest Lifestream (May 28 2012)

David #Q98 0-3 Stanford Avalanche. 13yoJ’s season ends 0-12. I’d say how much we invested ($s / hours) per-victory, only I can’t. #math [dhkeller]. David @gskeller Yeah, um, no. They went 4-4 last fall, but then lost their talent to the A Team. Majority of hold-overs don’t belong on Comp Teams [dhkeller]. David @gskeller […]

Latest Lifestream (May 27 2012)

David Final: #Q98 0-3 LG Roar. Consolation game later, chance to go for 12 in a row, and I’m not talking about donuts (except I guess I could be) [dhkeller].

Latest Lifestream (May 26 2012)

David Hard Drive is working again … Commencing backup! [dhkeller]. David RT @kidzonemuseum: Snowing up here in the Sierra today. Dress warm, drive safe. [dhkeller]. David If I don’t renew #sjSharks season tickets, and @RoundTablePizza ‘Four in the Net’ comes back, will my daughters ever forgive me? [dhkeller]. David RT @atheinho: #lakings and #njdevils, […]

Latest Lifestream (May 25 2012)

David 7th Grade "World’s Faire" today for 13yoJ. Trying to volunteer, but it reminds me of the chaos in the world prior to the renaissance. [dhkeller]. David Also. Windy. [dhkeller]. David 13yoJ staffing the Scientific Revolution booth. [dhkeller]. David World’s Faire update: the very popular "Marriage Booth" almost certainly marrying more same-gender pairs […]

Latest Lifestream (May 24 2012)

David RT @SJEarthquakes: #MLS history tonight as @SercanGuvenisik becomes the first Turkish player to start a game in league history [dhkeller]. David Astonishing x3 … RT @CSNQuakes: 90+3′ and HE DOES ITTT!!! GORDON SCORES!!!!!! For the third game in a row with the LATE Finish!! 3-2 [dhkeller]. David RT @hes_a_rebel: I doubt Allen Gordon […]

Latest Lifestream (May 23 2012)

David @WGRelayforLife Hah! Completely uneventful (which is good news), but I may still be recovering 😉 [dhkeller]. David New Volvo going to shop today because rear passenger door is broken. Wish it was going in to disable @volvocarsus blindspot BLiS technology [dhkeller]. David Latest neighborhood list-serve convo: Someone actually asked the whole neighborhood if […]