Latest Lifestream (May 22 2012)

David Education news: Elementary school fire drill today. Because statistically, fires more common in last seven days each year, or so I assume? [dhkeller]. David Since 13yoJ is in 8th Grade math, they can’t do any more "graded learning," so they watched Pirates of the Caribbean (Stranger Tides) today. [dhkeller]. David @zoe Don’t know […]

Latest Lifestream (May 21 2012)

David Window seat at Taqueria Tlaquepaque #1. Normally the sun would be too harsh, but in 25 mins, we’ll have an awesome view of the eclipse [dhkeller]. David Roseville #eclipse … RT @lfletche: We are watching on our wall. Coming thru plantation shutters [dhkeller]. David #Eclipse, as seen through a pinhole on my […]

Latest Lifestream (May 20 2012)

David My 7hr @WGRelayforLife shift doesn’t start until 9p, so why am I here an hour early? … Oh right, Luminaria Ceremony in 30 mins. [dhkeller]. David shared 3 photos. WG Relay for Life. WGMS represented. Our @WgRelayforLife Luminaria Honorees Our @WgRelayforLife Luminaria Honorees David Our @WgRelayforLife Luminaria Honorees [dhkeller]. David Our @WgRelayforLife […]

Latest Lifestream (May 19 2012)

David How dare NBC Bay Area 11 KNTV move @NBCGrimm to Ch36 and screw up my DVR! … How can I catch first 20 mins of season finale? [dhkeller]. David @NBCGrimm Your local SF Bay Area carrier dumped Griimm for baseball. I missed first 20 mins on my DVR. When will the rebroadcast? [dhkeller]. […]

Latest Lifestream (May 18 2012)

David so the new license plate text is WDD … Whoop-de-do? [dhkeller]. David @chrissampang I think three is the #sjSharks‘ *combined* WCF wins. Although Kings have been to Stanley Cup Finals once before ;-( [dhkeller]. David Holy crap, Kings. [dhkeller]. David RT @LAKings: Kings win their 8 game in a row and improve to […]

Latest Lifestream (May 17 2012)

David You really need to experience the awesomeness at the "Notary On Duty" Wedding Chapel on Hamilton Ave east of San Thomas. Bring deodorizer. [dhkeller]. David Sorry, Chiptole, but if you mix sterile surfaces, loud music, and feeble-voiced staff, you kinda force me to yell loudly when ordering [dhkeller]. David @spizarro Undoubtedly. But when […]

Latest Lifestream (May 16 2012)

David RT @richarddeitsch: Just in: NBC’s London Olympic coverage debuts on July 25 at 10:30a. ET on MSNBC with Great Britain v. New Zealand in … [dhkeller]. David @zoe But then they would have to use the ATM to get cash, where they’d slow us down even more. [dhkeller]. David Fell for the sign […]

Latest Lifestream (May 14 2012)

David @dish_answers Why did you turn off HD on 409 just now? @CSNQuakes clearly being broadcast in HD right now. For shame. TURN IT BACK ON! [dhkeller]. David @dish_answers No, that’s BS. I watched it for 15 mins. Turning it off is lame scheduling and poor customer service. "bandwidth" is a cop-out [dhkeller]. David […]

[Storified?] Fallon House Field Trip

Hello? Is this thing on? Here’s a test-run of a storify embed:

[View the story “Fallon House w/ Mrs. Miller” on Storify]