Latest Lifestream (June 30 2012)

David Fiddling with @EveryTrail for today’s hike. Not as easy/intuitive as I’d hoped for. [dhkeller]. David Most mystifying part of @EveryTrail is that I can’t draw/add the part of the PCT we walked on because the detail isn’t fine enough. Weird. [dhkeller]. David Check out today’s hiking trip on Three Lakes with SuperK […]

Latest Lifestream (June 29 2012)

David shared 3 photos. PRE_2012-06-28-093356 Sand Castle in progress PRE_2012-06-28-093339 David Sand Castle in progress [dhkeller]. David Success! (sort of) Thule rack on XC60 fits through garage with snowboards ON! (OK, 3 of 4 snowboards, and garage door has to be wedged up) [dhkeller]. David And it should be noted that Thule’s recommended […]

SuperK Week in Tahoe

With her older sister away at Girl Scout Camp, what’s an eight-year-old to do with all of her time (while simultaneously keeping her father safe from her boredom)? … Invite her cousin to go to Tahoe!

From seeing the actual Lake Tahoe on Wednesday at Commons Beach in Tahoe City, to swimming in Lake Dulzura […]

Latest Lifestream (June 28 2012)

David shared 2 photos. Traditional Picture in Lake Tahoe at Kings Beach Tahoe City – 8yoF and SuperK in Lake Tahoe David Traditional Picture in Lake Tahoe at Kings Beach [dhkeller]. David On behalf of parents with children who have pre-existing conditions, Thank You to #SCOTUS and Justice Roberts. [dhkeller]. David @juliogarcia Yep, […]

Latest Lifestream (June 27 2012)

David That time a person I help with her own email domain sent too many messages with 40+ people in the "to" line and got labeled a spammer by AOL [dhkeller]. David Cabin: 41°F outside, balmy 57° inside. I80 construction delays might as well have been chain restrictions. [dhkeller]. David RT @ESPN_US_Soccer: Stanford Cardinal […]

Latest Lifestream (June 26 2012)

David Had thought it was brilliant to start having 13yoJ unload dishwasher last week. But now she’s at Camp, and I can’t find something I need. [dhkeller]. David posted Dr. Sue’s Farewell Message. David At Japanese American Museum for @CampbelRotary. I have to go feed parking meter, but 8yoF wants to finish tour. Who […]

Latest Lifestream (June 25 2012)

David @svtwinmom Our 8yo 3rd Grader has three-night camp late July, but she’s going with 10yo cousin. Plus, her 13yo sister influences her aging. [dhkeller]. David 8yoF and @KarenMKeller gonna watch Madagascar later (can’t watch Brave w/o 13yoJ) … Should I join them or catch Abe Lincoln & Vampires? [dhkeller]. David posted Tuesday: Meet […]

Latest Lifestream (June 24 2012)

David I want to go to bed, but I also really can’t wait to see what the neighborhood elist is going to say about Willow Glen Dancin’ on the Avenue [dhkeller]. David How will Pride impact SF traffic today? Family needs to drive to Marin mid-day and return. Avoid or embrace? [dhkeller]. David @svtwinmom […]

Latest Lifestream (June 23 2012)

David @CSNAuthentic @KKurzCSN Well, if #sjSharks can’t have a Stanley Cup, at least we have @TommyWingels [dhkeller]. David New elementary school principal’s name is Ms. Atlas, so I assume we’ll be off to a good start academically (and geographically) [dhkeller]. David USGS and Truckee Tweeps saying 4.2 earthquake near Incline Village. Did not feel […]