Latest Lifestream (July 31 2012)

David @AlondraH18 May/Walsh were live online, not on TV. I assume they’ll be on NBC primetime tonight. in between mens gymnastics, but not certain [dhkeller]. David @livefierce Well, sure … but to be fair, it is nearly meaningless, but for a lopsided goal differential [dhkeller]. David @AlondraH18 awww psssshhha … NorCal hasn’t had any […]

Latest Lifestream (July 30 2012)

David If you plan to leave at 5:30, and all the adults nap through that, which kid can you blame? [dhkeller]. S dhkeller vf music [KarenMKeller]. David Lots of driving and traffic related questions from 13yoJ on the way home tonight. She does know she can’t drive until she’s 19, right? 😉 [dhkeller]. David […]

Latest Lifestream (July 28 2012)

David NBC: I would’ve watched Opening Ceremony live. But after live tweets, and East Coast "live" tweets, I’ll hate you too much to watch PDT show [dhkeller]. David @brian_mayer No (not legally in the US anyway). … What do you think this is? 2012? [dhkeller]. David @brian_mayer Don’t know about mobile. Are you in […]

Latest Lifestream (July 27 2012)

David @brodiebrazilCSN Actually, some of us old timers would need a shirt with which I think predated the hockey sweater? 😉 [dhkeller]. David Storified: Tuesday’s visit to California State Fair with 13yoJ #storify [dhkeller]. David new Washer & Dryer getting delivered right now. What load should I do first? [dhkeller]. David @d1willis […]

Latest Lifestream (July 26 2012)

David that time the @Storify chrome extension broke and wouldn’t work. and then they fixed it. it still didn’t work. [dhkeller]. David @storify Thx. Same ID as Twitter. Fully 3/4s of things tried to Storify tonight failed in chrome. Bookmarklet, timeouts on FB, URL searches [dhkeller]. David @Storify Some improvement when I switched to […]

Latest Lifestream (July 25 2012)

David Sure, I am watching the worst magic show ever. But since it’s at The State Fair, it’s all part of the campy fun. Or so I tell myself. [dhkeller]. David $1 Carnival Rides tonight! Searching out the extreme twisty turny ones. 13yoJ very excited about Crazy Train. [dhkeller]. David Is the can of […]

Latest Lifestream (July 24 2012)

David New one: Was gonna @freecycle my old washer dryer, but the dude got arrested for old warrants on a traffic stop on his way over last night. [dhkeller]. David Despite what other NBC channels say, the Olympics start in just over 24hrs, when #USWNT soccer play France at 8:30 PDT Wednesday on @NBCSN […]

Latest Lifestream (July 23 2012)

David @robertjonas Hard to believe such an experienced ref would let his AR make such a mockery of that. [dhkeller]. David @CSNQuakes I’ve seen out-of-position referees blow a terrible PK call, but never an AR call one from 40 yards away. [dhkeller]. David @CSNQuakes You could probably say the better team won, but you […]

Latest Lifestream (July 22 2012)

David Classic experience at Fry’s: the laundry machine "on sale" for $200 less than Home Depot? Um, yeah, they’re all sold out of that one. [dhkeller]. David @danieloleary Have been in past, will again. Only been to one this year (tough schedule for me). Hopefully more! [dhkeller]. David @Kamkiriad I can only handle Fry’s […]