Latest Lifestream (July 21 2012)

David Good to see WGMS communication policies are still in place over the summer. Paper comes home, then voicemail amending it comes 3 days later. [dhkeller]. Awesome zip line adventure with 13yoJ today at Mt Hermon. Video later tonight. [KarenMKeller]. David "video later tonight" she says? … ;-p RT @KarenMKeller: Awesome zip line adventure […]

Latest Lifestream (July 20 2012)

David I’m a dude who reads Jezebel … "Plase. Enough With the Pink Shit." via @zite [dhkeller]. David 8yoF: "Not fair. You never had to drive people in the car all day when you were a kid. There was practically no such thing as cars then." [dhkeller]. David My life on Almaden Expwy […]

Latest Lifestream (July 18 2012)

David @CaliStateFair ‘splain me why I’d buy tickets online for next week when they’re $1 more expensive (each) than walk-up price? [dhkeller]. David hhmm. Sailing Class at Vasona ends at 7p. Maybe enough time to get over to The Buck for 8p @sjEarthquakes kickoff? Need tix. [dhkeller]. David I have been informed by 8yoF […]

Latest Lifestream (July 17 2012)

David Thx, Los Gatos recreation services. I really enjoyed commuting to Vasona so you could cancel sailing class without notice! [dhkeller]. David posted Dr. Klear Debunked!. David Duct Tape has officially jumped the shark. Now available in crazy fashion prints in the ‘school supply’ section @Target [dhkeller]. David posted America’s Cup Sails Thru Campbell. […]

Latest Lifestream (July 16 2012)

David I agree completely with @MercNews editorial: Keep Mt Umunhum tower. In fact, I’d put the rotating dish back up there if I could. #memories [dhkeller]. David @MonaAiyed So where are you in GER? And for how long? … Just curious. Family did Berlin, Munchen, Nurnberg, etc last summer and loved it. [dhkeller]. David […]

Latest Lifestream (July 15 2012)

David Lake Pewaukee had it all: Tubing, girls drove a boat, and rope wrapped around the propeller (fortunately, none of those at same time) [dhkeller]. David @CSNQuakes And the @brandichastain live interview as the @SJEarthquakes goal plays out is priceless. [dhkeller]. David @jayhipps Also frustrating that no card was issued when Mansalley collared Chavez […]

Latest Lifestream (July 14 2012)

David Today, we’ll be visiting friends in Pewaukee (45 mins west of Milwaukee). I assume we’ll drive through Nowaukee and Oowaukee on our way. [dhkeller].

Latest Lifestream (July 13 2012)

David Unless my lil bro traveled to San Diego, I know all these @NBCGrimm tweets about Aunt Marie’s trailer at #SDCC can’t be real 😉 [dhkeller]. David Will no one acknowledge the irony? The one day I get in the pool, and thunder showers hit MKE and no one else gets in at all […]

Latest Lifestream (July 12 2012)

David @flo_tweet Is the Spectrum remix available from somewhere other than iTunes? [dhkeller]. David On vacation, 13yoJ has become enthralled with "Lord of the Rings," gleefully sharing passages out loud. One does not simply read the books! [dhkeller]. David Part of 13yoJ’s interest in Tolkien stems from friend saying she looks like Legolas’ sister […]