Latest Lifestream (August 31 2012)

David While 13yoJ plays #Q98 scrimmage, 8yoF & I spying on u9 team practice. Comp coach just had to tie player’s shoe. I can totally coach this [dhkeller]. David @CouchTarts Worth noting; Romney also has a law degree from Harvard. [dhkeller]. […]

Latest Lifestream (August 30 2012)

David @dish_answers … MT @suathletics: It’s 48 hours until @StanfordFball kicks off vs SJSU on @Pac-12 Networks #IwantPac12Networks #gostanford [dhkeller]. David Holy traffic! Maybe a little warning about Back-to-School Night at our soccer practice school would’ve been good. Gridlock in Almaden Vly [dhkeller]. David While it may be fun to play Follow the Leader […]

Latest Lifestream (August 29 2012)

David uh oh … RT @abc7newsBayArea: 3) An overnight fire destroyed the Summer Winds Nursery in San Jose overnight. #5things [dhkeller]. David Summer Winds Nursery destroyed by "a rare blaze that the fire department deemed necessary to allow to burn" – @MercNews [dhkeller]. David @rwlynn Us too. I don’t even know where else […]

Latest Lifestream (August 28 2012)

David @NBCGrimm An official Twitter Feed that doesn’t spoil results for (and completely ignore) the West Coast. [dhkeller]. David posted A Busy September. […]

Latest Lifestream (August 27 2012)

David @Kamkiriad You’re right, but I’d bet cash money that hush-hush non-jinxy negotiations are already underway with Stanford. [dhkeller]. David @Kamkiriad Agree on some time shifts, but cold nights not unique to BS. Spartan had some teeth-chatterers too. Could be worse: Candlestick [dhkeller]. David @NolanWong @DiANNe0985 Any sort of work stoppage will force full […]

Latest Lifestream (August 26 2012)

David @SJEarthquakes It should be a lot easier to figure out where "Gate A" is for Will Call tickets. I can’t find gate map on your website [dhkeller]. David More Twitter help needed: Need a good quintessential restaurant option for family dinner in North Beach tomorrow. Pizza, pasta, etc? [dhkeller]. David RT @SJEarthquakes: We […]

Latest Lifestream (August 25 2012)

David Kids excitedly anticipating WGMS Bomb Scare news in tomorrow’s paper. Haven’t got the heart to tell them it’s gonna be Apple cover-to-cover [dhkeller]. David Both kids up by 8:00 am before alarms? But it’s still summ/ … oh wait, I guess not. … [dhkeller]. David Soccer today: 13yoJ refereeing, 8yoF’s ‘Royal Blue Jays" […]

Latest Lifestream (August 24 2012)

David @jpeepz Justifies all the fawning they do every day over app|e? [dhkeller]. David @jpeepz Saw that. But seriously, if apple had done that, there’d be preemptions of network programs and a special Merc afternoon edition [dhkeller]. David @Edubya For our math classes, I tried loading a calculator app onto her phone, which of […]

Latest Lifestream (August 23 2012)

David Ordering at Chipotle would be so much easier if the staff would just admit they can’t hear you either. Also, hand signals. [dhkeller]. David @jomebrew Yes! But you forgot the part where you’re "talking" to one person, but it’s the other one who hears you and responds (YMMV). [dhkeller]. David RT @EducateOurState: We […]