Latest Lifestream (September 30 2012)

David At @SJEarthquakes game tonight vs FC Dallas, 8yoF leans over during Anthem to boo the Dallas Stars. That’s my girl. [dhkeller]. David Today’s #Q98 consolation match is in the shadows of the Tesoro Refinery in Concord. Also, one end of field ~ foot higher than the other. [dhkeller]. David Which is more fun? […]

Latest Lifestream (September 29 2012)

David up crazy-early this morning for first insane #Q98 soccer road trip. Tournament games in Concord at 8a and 12n today. And: HOT! [dhkeller]. David Good Morning. What have you done this morning? 13yoJ’s#Q98 have already played a soccer game. Lost 2-0, play again at 12. [dhkeller]. David That 12n game features my AFC […]

Latest Lifestream (September 28 2012)

David 8yoF practicing with AFC #Q03s today, just to see where she might stand in a hypothetical tryout. But first, this ill-timed bloody nose. [dhkeller]. David Additional sad impact of NHL Lockout: #sjSharks related donations (tix, signed merch) to non-profit auctions way down. $5-8K annually for us [dhkeller]. […]

Latest Lifestream (September 27 2012)

David RT @AlmadenAFS: 2,000 Signatures! Save the Mt. Umunhum Radar Tower #Umunhum #radar #tower [dhkeller]. David @chrissampang I did, and it’s still a big enough deal that stores like Michael’s stock an aisle in the Spring. [dhkeller]. David @chrissampang But oddly, my Girls’ school does not make a big deal out of it […]

Latest Lifestream (September 26 2012)

David Just set-up 8yoF with her own Google Calendar she can update … so let’s all pretend she’s 13 already, OK? [dhkeller]. David @fearthefin Totally. And @YahooSportsNHL must be stoked too, since they haven’t deleted it from the shared online ics calendar. @wyshynski [dhkeller]. David Favorite part of coaching soccer is weekly clearing the […]

Latest Lifestream (September 25 2012)

David RT @ScottHerhold: Column: Sam Drake’s idea for saving the Mt. Umunhum radar tower makes a lot of sense: [dhkeller]. David May have to look into this Homeland on Showtime thing … Any @Dish @SHO_Network @SHO_Homeland package incentives? @dish_answers [dhkeller]. David @dish_answers Trying to watch NBC tonight, but image is pixelated and glitchy […]

Latest Lifestream (September 24 2012)

David I just assume that someone with a gmail address is much [dhkeller]. David always surprised when someone with a gmail address isn’t able to effectively communicate via email in a timely fashion. [dhkeller]. […]

Latest Lifestream (September 23 2012)

David DVR-Delay for me … MT @SJEarthquakes: CSN California at 7:30 pm PT for key Western Conference clash vs @SoundersFC. Don’t miss it! #SEAvSJ [dhkeller]. David 13yoJ & @KarenMKeller are doing SJ FireFly run tonight. 5K through the Rose Garden. Food trucks and support activities for me. Quakes later [dhkeller]. David shared 3 photos. […]

Latest Lifestream (September 22 2012)

David 8yoF’s U10 Royal Blue Jays played the bigger, older team again today. Lost the 1st Half 0-3, tied 2nd Half 2-2 (courtesy of mercy rule). [dhkeller]. David Warm, sleepy 0-0 Draw for #Q98 on turf in a big stadium. Maybe lucky not to have lost to Scott’s Valley U14G. Still undefeated in Fall. […]