Latest Lifestream (October 31 2012)

David shared 8yoF as The Clock from Hugo (complete with automaton). 8yoF as The Clock from Hugo (complete with automaton)

Latest Lifestream (October 30 2012)

David posted Inspirational ‘Avenues’. David posted Books for Treats in Campbell. David posted Surrealism, Magic, and Reality. […]

Latest Lifestream (October 29 2012)

David shared Halloween Cousin-o-Lanterns. Halloween Cousin-o-Lanterns

Latest Lifestream (October 27 2012)

David shared 3 photos. #Q98 Quicksilver Sun Drop Girls Sun Drop Girl on a Pumpkin #Q98 Quicksilver Sun Drop Girls

Latest Lifestream (October 23 2012)

David posted End Polio Now. David posted Partners in Service: Guatemala.

Latest Lifestream (October 21 2012)

David shared U10G Royal Blue Jays team photo from earlier today. U10G Royal Blue Jays team photo from earlier today

Latest Lifestream (October 16 2012)

David posted Support “Books for Treats”.

Latest Lifestream (October 10 2012)

David posted Child Advocates Picnic. David Evening meeting @CampbellRotary tonight. 8yoF setting the trap for members to support her school fundraiser. [dhkeller]. David My Twitter feed is full of rain, and so is my yard. I assume it’ll be just enough to pool the dust and necessitate a carwash. [dhkeller]. David Busiest week of […]

Latest Lifestream (October 9 2012)

David at Passport Office, Girls missing school because kids must renew in person and local offices close at 3. Exactly *ONE* clerk. Send beer. [dhkeller]. David @jpeepz Service at WG Passport Office had always been stellar, so never looked elsewhere. Also knocking down two unrelated appts at once. [dhkeller]. David @jpeepz And spend six […]