Latest Lifestream (October 7 2012)

David Gonna put on a tie shortly. Second time in probably five years. One of 13yoJ’s friends celebrating her bat mitzvah tonight. [dhkeller]. David Last night’s concert and tonight’s bat mitzvah: So much fun to watch your children dance and have fun with their friends. Good times. [dhkeller]. David @dish_answers @dish Technical issues on […]

Latest Lifestream (October 6 2012)

David Hwy 1 & Redwood Coast "Fall Break" 2012 – Huh? No school this week? Um, OK See you along Hwy 1, the Redwood Coast a… [dhkeller]. David At.Shoreline for Florence + the Machine. All the people running to their seats as the opening act starts are adorable. [dhkeller]. David At the Florence […]

Latest Lifestream (October 5 2012)

David Totally home in time for #Q98 soccer practice, but Coach canceled it earlier today. I love it when a plan comes together. [dhkeller]. David HOME. 816 Miles. Still no school tomorrow. [dhkeller]. David @Storify Why do all of my @Flickr pics show on my storyboard with 17:00 time stamp (day varies weirdly, too), […]

Hwy 1 & Redwood Coast “Fall Break” 2012

Huh? No school this week? Um, OK … See you along Hwy 1, the Redwood Coast and the Avenue of the Giants.

— David Keller (@dhkeller) October 1, 2012

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The whole thing is “Storified” after the break: …


Latest Lifestream (October 4 2012)

David 3:45 pm – Mile 432 … The Immortal Tree, preceded by our fifth u-turn of the day. Too much to notice every dern sign. [dhkeller]. David Scotia Museum not open today, making it instantly less cool than lumber museum in Chester that stayed open for us back in June. [dhkeller]. David 5:20 pm […]

Latest Lifestream (October 3 2012)

David @nuggetsauce Awesome. Shooting for Ft Bragg for dinner and sunset viewing (if fog holds off). [dhkeller]. David 4:30 Mile 305 … Cruising Mendocino proper, tallying number of churches versus decommissioned windmills. [dhkeller]. David @nuggetsauce Haven’t planned that far ahead. 😉 [dhkeller]. David @nuggetsauce Will check it out. Thanks! [dhkeller]. David shared 5 photos. […]

Latest Lifestream (October 2 2012)

David 3:00 pm. After the drive to the Pt Reyes Lighthouse, 8yoF: "How come all the awesome stuff is on her side?!" [dhkeller]. David 4:00 pm PDT … Extraordinary view from Lighthouse. A rare day when you can see SF. Guess SJUSD did pick a great week for "Fall Break" [dhkeller]. David shared 4 […]

Latest Lifestream (October 1 2012)

David Hearing how SJUSD has ruined this week for everybody with "Fall Break." Sorry friends, for canceled soccer practices and dance classes. [dhkeller]. David Also, I see all of your Dexter, Revenge, and Homeland tweets, but I’m watching on DVR delay this week (as I may most weeks). [dhkeller]. David @obrien @siliconbeat @MercNews Your […]