Latest Lifestream (December 31 2012)

David shared 4 photos. dhkeller: Officially in Banff since 1:30. Cold! 😉 … Haven’t decided if I will get simcard or pay AT&T or just go incommunicado. WiFi only so far dhkeller: #MK20 heading to Banff proper today. Forecast high is 22ºF, a full 60º warmer than it was the last time I was […]

Happy New Year from Banff!

#MK20 Continues through 2012 and beyond! … It’s midnight in Toronto, right?

We’re not sure of a better way to spend the last day of any given year than snowboarding. While our usual gig would be a day at Sugar Bowl followed by fireworks at Northstar-at-Tahoe, we found another fun way […]

Latest Lifestream (December 30 2012)

admin shared The Calgary Before The Banff. The Calgary Before The Banff David shared 9 photos. dhkeller: #8yoF made this 8sec stop-motion video today at TELUS Spark in Calgary #MK20 dhkeller: And the #sjSharks probably would have lost anyway, like they did here in 2008 dhkeller: Post: The Calgary Before The Banff […]

Latest Lifestream (December 29 2012)

David shared 16 photos. dhkeller: At Scheel’s, these two statues (snowboarder, female soccer player) can be yours for $5000. dhkeller: @lfletche Re-reading your question. Girls & I just flew Reno to SFO, leaving Calgary soon. Karen was supposed to go SJC to Denver to Calgary dhkeller: @ATTTeamMikeT amazing how in 2008 same thing […]

The Calgary Before The Banff

Twitter Hashtag: #MK20 Follow #MK20 20th Anniversary Coverage 15th Anniversary in 2008

What do you do when your family plans a trip to see a hockey game in Calgary, and then the NHL goes on a 100+day owner-imposed lockout? Tour Calgary instead! So we did …

With our newly found extra time in […]

Latest Lifestream (December 28 2012)

David shared 11 photos. dhkeller: Five feet of snow and ice shoveled off the deck. Still haven’t gotten to the hot tub. dhkeller: Ironic @United won’t give me Boarding Passes for tomorrow’s flight, but will happily extort $310 in baggage fees and charge my credit card dhkeller: Thx to @United, but why couldn’t the […]

Latest Lifestream (December 27 2012)

David shared 5 photos. dhkeller: I80 EB near standstill at Gold Run. How long to go the final 30 miles? dhkeller: @csborg Stove/Oven work. Hand wash dishes until I can assess circuit damage to see if it can be easily replaced (??). Need new microwave ;-( dhkeller: Nice. Cabin microwave is dead, took out […]

Latest Lifestream (December 26 2012)

David shared 3 photos. dhkeller: Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree – A Christmas Carol with an Apostrophe? Most of our traditional Christmas Carol g… dhkeller: Post: Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree dhkeller: Merry Christmas. I am totally ready for my second nap. David shared 2 photos. dhkeller: I80 EB near standstill at […]

Latest Lifestream (December 25 2012)

David shared 2 photos. Santa GrandPaPa – Merry Christmas XmasCard2012 David shared 12 photos. dhkeller: Merry Everything, Happy Always – Merry Christmas, everybody! Our 2012 Christmas Card, suitable for dartboards. And d… dhkeller: @timpmartin Translated by me … If #8yoF says it, it’s in quotes @FlkHeart / Things she said about blood type […]