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dhkeller: Merry Everything, Happy Always – Merry Christmas, everybody! Our 2012 Christmas Card, suitable for dartboards. And d… dhkeller: @timpmartin Translated by me … If #8yoF says it, it’s in quotes @FlkHeart / Things she said about blood type cross largely unprintable ;-p dhkeller: Just told my children they had to unload the dishwasher, since (because we don’t have a fireplace) that’s how Santa gets into the house. dhkeller: Merry Christmas pic of my dad, one of Santa’s Helpers in Roseburg, OR. Plays the part every year with his real beard dhkeller: Setting a USPS mail-hold, and system specifically disallows "Happy New Year" in the special instruction field. Bah Humbug! dhkeller: In the absence of Xmas Eve Crab, I am being forced to have Fondue. Undoubtedly all part of @KarenMKeller’s master plan. dhkeller: Reports from @Safeway that local crabbers did not go out and there is no dungeoness crab available anywhere in SB today? dhkeller: RT @NoradSanta: #Santa spotted flying over the Great Wall of China, Xi’an, the Terracotta Army and more! dhkeller: Post: Merry Everything, Happy Always dhkeller: Uh oh. Xmas Eve traditions taking a hit: #14yoJ devastated over crab; #8yoF doesn’t like 2012 version of @NoradSanta … Merry Christmas! dhkeller: RT @NoradSanta: #Santa has been spotted flying over Greece and Turkey! #NORAD video dhkeller: @Edubya But my hair is more awesomer
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