The Calgary Before The Banff

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15th Anniversary in 2008

What do you do when your family plans a trip to see a hockey game in Calgary, and then the NHL goes on a 100+day owner-imposed lockout? Tour Calgary instead! So we did …

With our newly found extra time in Calgary today, we had to figure out what Calgarians do with their own extra time on a Saturday in December.


We decided to visit the Telus SPARK Science Centre during the afternoon, and bask in the glow of “Zoo Lights” at the Calgary Zoo in the evening. In between, we hopped the C-Train into Downtown Calgary for a brief walking tour and dinner.

IMG_0141The Girls enjoyed the Spark Centre, including some stop-motion animation Felicia made. Jocelyn enjoyed computer-assisted drawing and a few other exhibits, and both girls finished the day making their own K’nex creations with the largest supply of K’nex they’d ever seen.

After dinner, we visited the Calgary Zoo. Despite it being the week after Christmas, the Zoo was packed with people enjoying the holiday lights — if not the animals. The zoo was decorated with lights throughout, including bulbs in the shape of many popular zoo animals. We also saw real live camels and tigers.

Sunday is the day we will finally travel all the way to Banff!