Happy New Year from Banff!

#MK20 Continues through 2012 and beyond! … It’s midnight in Toronto, right?




We’re not sure of a better way to spend the last day of any given year than snowboarding. While our usual gig would be a day at Sugar Bowl followed by fireworks at Northstar-at-Tahoe, we found another fun way to ring in the New Year.

Today was the first day ever for Jocelyn & Felicia to snowboard outside of California, this time at Sunshine Village in the Rockies, straddling the Continental Divide between “beautiful British Columbia” and “sunny Alberta” in Canada. And we had a great time! We rode the “Great Divide” and “Angel chairs along with the Gondola and the “Wawa” Chair to finish the afternoon.

At left, the family rides the gondola back to the mountain entrance. And it is quite a gondola ride, 20 minutes long, including am optional mid-mountain stop, itself after the cable takes a 90-degree turn to travel even further up the hill.

Also be sure to appreciate Felicia’s snowboarding skill as she rides along the Continental Divide with BC in the background, followed by a picture of Jocelyn, Karen, and Felicia at the same spot a few runs later. And here’s Jocelyn finishing the day on Wawa.]

And we’re headed back for more at Sunshine for January 1, too!

Also, since we’re in Mountain Time (MST), it’ll be the New Year sooner here than in California. But we’ll likely be asleep either way.