Latest Lifestream (January 31 2013)

David RT @_cristina_: Get ready for the sure-to-come Super Bowl commercial BS: #notbuyingit [dhkeller]. David Working on ‘Thank You’ notes for #9yoF‘s surgery love, and boy is my penmanship terrible. [dhkeller]. David #9yoF: "When I grow up, I’m gonna let my kids do whatever they want on the floor. Except burn it." [dhkeller]. […]

Latest Lifestream (January 30 2013)

David Going to first #sjSharks game of my Post-STH era tonight. Friend-of-a-friend had an extra ticket. Love it when a plan comes together. [dhkeller]. David @DiANNe0985 I believe he played with all five of the others at one point. Very little stability on T-Mac’s back end tonight. [dhkeller]. David shared 4 photos. dhkeller: @robertjonas […]

Latest Lifestream (January 29 2013)

David Looks like Girls will have different soccer practice days. That’s four-days/wk (+ games) for me in LG this Spring. Admit it, you’re jealous. [dhkeller]. David Baby pics ad for #14yoJ‘s 8th Grade yearbook. Gonna use my photobomb of #2yoJ from 2001 (b4 bombs were cool): [dhkeller]. David Dr. Who fans – Is […]

Latest Lifestream (January 28 2013)

David @1sjsharksfan Working. Gonna test all my computers so I know I’m good to go through the season. Thanks! [dhkeller]. David Cleared out morning glory and rose bushes from the backyard today. Then washed a significant portion of dead leaves out of my Surgery Beard. [dhkeller]. David @Edubya Glad to help, btw. I’ve never […]

Latest Lifestream (January 27 2013)

David Just got ‘Guantanamera’ out of my head from buying it for #14yoJ video project. Then Amazon just asked me to rate it. #EarWorm [dhkeller]. David shared 7 photos. dhkeller: @DiANNe0985 Good thing, since the @SanJoseSharks skipped the first ten minutes, too 😉 … Even if the last 50 were pretty impressive! dhkeller: RT […]

Latest Lifestream (January 26 2013)

David RT @SanJoseSharks: This image needed to be updated. #SJSharks Patrick Marleau [dhkeller]. David Luckiest 9-Year-Old in the World! – Wow! What an outpouring of love and support! Thanks to everyone for the well-wis… [dhkeller]. David @Auth0ridomini You know T-Mac only uses 4th line as math exercise, right? Never has plan for […]

Latest Lifestream (January 25 2013)

David RT @PackardHospital: Heart transplant saves little Shaambak, a 14-month-old Sacramento boy. (Article in @modbee by @Cynthia_Hubert) htt … [dhkeller]. David Likely explains @FlkHeart‘s Jan10 deferral. We are so happy for Shaambak … MT @PackardHospital: Transplant saves 14mo [dhkeller]. David and of course our heartfelt condolences to the donor family; … MT @PackardHospital: […]

Latest Lifestream (January 24 2013)

David @donholio Under his plan, I would have just waited until my daughter’s valve tore completely, and then hoped ER knew how to fix it quickly. [dhkeller]. David In an ironic twist, #8yoF‘s teacher has been sick 10+ days, out since before our surgery. She needs some of our powerful healing energy. [dhkeller]. David […]

Luckiest 9-Year-Old in the World!

Wow! What an outpouring of love and support!

Thanks to everyone for the well-wishes and healthy vibes during — and since — Felicia’s recent procedure. We are so lucky to have a supportive family and an incredible collection of friends.

It’s almost too overwhelming for us to handle: Letters, cards, artwork, books, blankets, […]