Another Memorable Visit to Canada

We are wrapping up #MK20 today, bidding fond adieu to Canada’s Rocky Mountains and to Banff.


We had a great trip, but we really could have used a bit more snow. Apparently, it’s either feast or famine when we travel to Canada. Incredibly noteworthy weather … or none at all. Sigh

But we still had a lot of fun snowboarding and tubing down the Canadian Rockies, dining along Banff Avenue, and finding something other than hockey to do in Calgary. And of course, it all added up to a very memorable 20th Anniversary Celebration.

To see all of our pictures, check-out the Official #MK20Flickr Set page. And my Twitter feed is Storify after the break.

And, now back to reality …

20th Anniversary in Banff #MK20

Marking our 20th Wedding Anniversary, we took the whole family to Banff, Alberta, Canada in the Rocky Mountains for a week of snowbound fun. Snowboarding, tubing, great eating, and cold temperatures!

Storified by David Keller· Sun, Jan 06 2013 09:46:07

Last 36 hours: Drove 5+hrs, fixed blown circuit, snowboarded, shoveled deck, fixed dishwasher, made dinner x2, packed. When is vacation?David Keller
@lfletche @jclowers @jpeepz Not entirely clear I’ll be able to move tomorrow, but we are traveling to Calgary & Banff anyway. Can’t wait!David Keller
Cabin mudroom looks pretty barren without any of our gear in it. "Flying to Banth" (as #8yoF spelled out on the car window) #MK20David Keller
At Scheel’s, these two statues (snowboarder, female soccer player) can be yours for $5000. Keller
As is customary in the Martin Family, @KarenMKeller & I will begin #MK20 20th Anniversary trip on separate itineraries.David Keller
Cute newlywed couple distraught over no seats together on flight. Do I tell them that @United has me and both children scattered as well?David Keller
Itineraries united! Actual @United delay thru Denver allowed @KarenMKeller to switch to meet us in SFO (although she had to insist).David Keller
@lfletche Also easier/faster than driving the gear four hours down the hill.David Keller
@lfletche Technically, we don’t get to Banff until Sunday anyway. Tomorrow is Calgary (would’ve been at a hockey game, but alas) #MK20David Keller
@lfletche Re-reading your question. Girls & I just flew Reno to SFO, leaving Calgary soon. Karen was supposed to go SJC to Denver to CalgaryDavid Keller
Calgary. Yeah, it’s 3am here. What of it? #MK20David Keller
Hey guys, we’re here in Calgary to see the @NHLFlames play the @SanJoseSharks this afternoon. Where is everybody? 😉 #MK20David Keller
Actually, we took the C-Train to the Telus Spark tech museum, with plans for Calgary Zoo Lights tonight. Dinner downtown in between. #MK20David Keller
And the #sjSharks probably would have lost anyway, like they did here in 2008 Keller
*NOT* the first time I’ve traveled to Canada to have a game canceled, by the way. Happened during a snowstorm in Vancouver in 1990’s.David Keller
#8yoF made this 8sec stop-motion video today at TELUS Spark in Calgary #MK20David Keller
Post: The Calgary Before The Banff Keller
#MK20 heading to Banff proper today. Forecast high is 22ºF, a full 60º warmer than it was the last time I was there. Keller
Officially in Banff since 1:30. Cold! 😉 … Haven’t decided if I will get simcard or pay AT&T or just go incommunicado. WiFi only so farDavid Keller
I have now eaten elk … Unrelated: Tomorrow, we wake up early for the bus to @SunshineVillage #MK20David Keller
Top of the Continental Divide @SunshineVillage in Beautiful British Columbia. Spectacular! #MK20David Keller
@csborg Definitely wish you were here, too! Maybe at 25? ;-pDavid Keller
My kingdom for a flat pillow! GREAT DAY, but the pillows at Banff Lodging Co are beyond huge and impractical. Heads at 45° angles?David Keller
Great day @SunshineVillage, an excellent finale to 2012. Fireworks at midnight in Banff, but unlikely we make it. Next: Hut Tub! #MK20David Keller
Fire alarm going off in Banff Hotel. Happy New Year, Canada? #MK20David Keller
20 years ago tonight, we hosted NYE party for friends/family. For #MK20, we’re ordering pizza in and watching #City2013. #OldPeopleDavid Keller
@zoe That was the absolute weirdest part of Seattle for us, and we’re north of you tonight. I have no idea how Canada does it.David Keller
Between Canadian hosts/crowds getting excited over Canadian bands/artists we’ve never heard of … or CNN’s Anderson & Kathy? Canada FTW!David Keller
and now we’re briefly watching Star Wars "Return of the Jedi" on Spike while #14yoJ enjoys her traditional glass of Martinelli’s.David Keller
Does nobody care that it is also the New Year in Toronto?David Keller
Happy New Year from Banff! – #MK20 Continues through 2012 and beyond! It’s midnight in Toronto, right? We’re no… Keller
According to sources, it is 11°F in Tahoe (Soda Springs) and a balmy 15°F here in Banff. See! We are vacationing in a warmer locale! #MK20David Keller
Early bus @SunshineVillage this morning. Moon still out as sun rises in clear sky. Incredible light (bus window pictures do it no justice)David Keller
Lunch @SunshineVillage after a glorious summit of Mt Standish, again straddling the BC-Alberta border.David Keller
Celebrating at @SunshineVillage: Mtn Trifecta! Whole family rode Standish, Lookout and Goat’s Eye in one day!David Keller
Sunshine Trifecta: Mt. Standish … Lookout Mountain … Goat’s Eye Keller
@csborg We have one here ;-p (a fancy "hot pool" cavern with fake rocks)David Keller
Heading out shortly for a nighttime ice walk through Johnston Canyon Not gonna look-up the current temperature. #MK20David Keller
Johnston Canyon Ice Hike pics #MK20 Keller
OFFICIAL: 20 YEARS today! … Happy Anniversary to my beautiful wife @KarenMKeller and my fantastic daughters celebrating with us! #MK20David Keller
20-Year Wedding Anniversary Pro-Tip: Be willing to let coyotes eat your wedding cake, but use a caterer who can deal with chocolate ganache.David Keller
No snowboarding today, but off the Chateaux Lake Louise for lunch and some lake ice skating. #MK20David Keller
Had a front-row seat for bus ride back from Lake Louise. Awesome! #MK20David Keller
Bus racing train to the crossing points out a certain affection we have for transcontinental railroad corridors, Canadian or American. #MK20David Keller
Ice Skating at Lake Louise earlier today Keller
Girls looking out windows along Trans-Canada 1 … You too since most pics are unprotected Keller
#MK20 VIDEO: Ice Skating on Lake Louise … Can you spot the Americans? … and, How about that steady-cam!?! Keller
#MK20 Anniversary Dinner at fancy restaurant in Banff. Girls in the room with DVD and popcorn. We’ll let you know if that was a good idea.David Keller
Today’s the Day! #MK20 is Officially Here – OFFICIAL: 20 YEARS today! Happy Anniversary to my beautiful wife @karen… Keller
Another amazing sunny day in the Canadian Rockies! Riding at Lake Louise Mtn Resort today. #MK20David Keller
Good day at Lake Louise. Great sites, but snow quality was suspect. Would come back Fri or Sat if they could get some fresh. #MK20David Keller
@brian_mayer Really extraordinary up here. Easy to get to, very "authentic" as resorts go. LMK if you want to know more or see more picsDavid Keller
Lack of snow (NONE in 7 days, 30% chance today) has us a bit sad. Thinking we’ll try a half day at @MtNorquay, hope something falls tonightDavid Keller
Well, shit. @FlkHeart delayed until at least Jan 17 due to procedures for others. We don’t know anything else. Real blow to vacation mood.David Keller
Video from Thu @SkiLouise … @KarenMKeller in brown, #14yoJ teal/wht, #8yoF olive: #MK20 Keller
Proof I am actually on #MK20 trip in role other than photographer: Video of tubing earlier today at @MtNorquay Keller
We had tapas for dinner, cruised Banff Ave for souvenirs, and now we’re having "BeaverTails" for dessert. Fun night! #MK20David Keller
Sunshine twitter feed claiming 1cm of fresh. I think they’re rounding up from 1mm. Headed to @MtNorquay to tube for our final day. #MK20David Keller
OH: "It’s not even that cold out today" … #Canada -7°CDavid Keller
Uploaded to Tea Room @MtNorquay. MAGNIFICENT VIEW, but best part: Girls all giddy and excited during the downloading.David Keller
Was my trip to Canada the impetus for #NHL ending the Lockout? And do I dare return tomorrow before it is officially over? ;-)David Keller
Hidden Gem: Tubing at Norquay – Sure, #MK20 was primarily supposed to be about snowboarding. And we broke in the New… Keller
Had #MK20 Anniversary Dinner on Wed at The Bison. Having our last dinner in Banff tonight downstairs from there at the Bear Street Tavern.David Keller
Packing. Gorging on maple syrup cream cookies makes it less sad ;-( #MK20David Keller
Ways to tell vacation is pretty-much over: NHL lockout ends, 3cm snow finally falls at Sunshine, and I can’t sleep a full night.David Keller
Not gonna lie: Pretty sad that Banff, Sunshine, and Lake Louise are getting snow TODAY and later this week.David Keller
Post: Another Memorable Visit to Canada Keller
In fact, it’s #NHL DefCon5 up here. Hotels/airports trucking-in more TVs to handle the onslaught … My work here is done. You’re welcome.David Keller