Latest Lifestream (February 28 2013)

David Enjoying @Live105‘s new-found variety. Republica’s "Ready to Go" brought back memories from @SanJoseSharks hosting @NHL All-Star in 1997. [dhkeller]. David @brian_mayer Reading Comprehension quizzes before people can close the messages I send them? [dhkeller]. David @jwizzle241 Better in the last few weeks, but I don’t listen a ton. Still overplay new songs, but […]

Latest Lifestream (February 27 2013)

David @chrissampang What if that guy had been texting while leaving is feet? [dhkeller]. David Had totally forgotten what it was like to have a 4th Line. #sjSharks [dhkeller]. David @chrissampang Did I miss an empty net? 😉 [dhkeller]. David #sjSharks Robinsons’s obligatory "Todd did a good job" quote. [dhkeller]. David @HockeyRocker I can […]

Latest Lifestream (February 26 2013)

David @brodiebrazilCSN @NHLPlayerSafety Two games total, or two games in addition to Dallas game? [dhkeller]. David The Classic Car Wash in LG is unlike any of the other Classics I’ve ever been to, not in anyway whatsoever. Fascinating study. [dhkeller]. David @RyMartinSharks While I agree with "screw Chicago" in principle, I think we want […]

Latest Lifestream (February 25 2013)

David Official: #9yoF‘s first clarinet "practice" with brand new school band. Still have to acquire reeds, so maybe it doesn’t quite count? [dhkeller]. David @ATTCustomerCare Tammy – Now I am getting robocalls from @ATT asking me to call back or you’ll assume it’s fixed. Make this stop! [dhkeller]. David shared 2 photos. dhkeller: Official: […]

Latest Lifestream (February 24 2013)

David Pretty psyched #sjSharks Gomez will center Marleau & Pavelski. McLellan only learns to "coach" in response to an @NHL #ShannaBan. [dhkeller]. David shared 5 photos. dhkeller: Add "and now I can’t snowboard in today’s 2-inches of fresh" atop the list of serious #FlkHeart complications. dhkeller: Pretty psyched #sjSharks Gomez will center Marleau & […]

Latest Lifestream (February 23 2013)

David You know Burns played it poorly, when @PollakOnSharks mentions his specific blunder live on twitter. [dhkeller]. David shared 7 photos. dhkeller: @ATTCustomerCare I just spent 10 mins (on hold, then talking) with agent who says there is no record of my complaint. How is this possible? dhkeller: So incredibly ironic when @ATTCustomerCare asks […]

Latest Lifestream (February 22 2013)

David Sunny and no wind atop @SugarBowlResort‘s Mt Lincoln. My new GNU snowboard and I are enjoying its inaugural trip up the hill. [dhkeller]. David shared PRE_2013-02-21-183432. PRE_2013-02-21-183432 David #9yoF‘s Make-Your-Own Pizza is staring at you [dhkeller]. David shared 2 photos. dhkeller: #9yoF’s Make-Your-Own Pizza is staring at you dhkeller: Sunny and […]

Latest Lifestream (February 21 2013)

David @secretsushi I use both, but prefer Box for working with others and sharing. Ease of embedding files on websites is the best. [dhkeller]. David Talk about kids being so tech savvy? … But I just taught my Girls how to control hour chime on their watches. Score one for the old guy! [dhkeller]. […]

Latest Lifestream (February 20 2013)

David @1sjsharksfan Hah, today of all days! Don’t get NBCSN up here (or is it also on CSN-CA?) [dhkeller]. David @1sjsharksfan No worries, man. I should be good with CSNCA. Thanks even so! [dhkeller]. David Cabin. 8-9" at Tahoe Serene Lakes today, so fluffy it practically shovels itself! [dhkeller]. David You know, @ATT, I […]