Latest Lifestream (March 31 2013)

David @CSNQuakes @CSNAuthentic @sjEarthquakes Which channel on @Dish for CSN Plus? @Dish_Answers [dhkeller]. David Used to carry it. More value-adds from @Dish … MT @dish_answers: We do not carry that network. [dhkeller]. David Nope. @dish_answers says ch461 is $79 ppv … RT @CSNAuthentic: Looking for the #SJQuakes game? CSN Plus channel locations:Dish Network […]

Latest Lifestream (March 30 2013)

David Cabin. 37°F outside, 46 inside. Despite temps, it definitely looks like Spring up here. [dhkeller]. David shared 5 photos. dhkeller: @hover I have been 10+ year customer of netidentity and now Hover, and have never had problems, until TWO BIG issues in last 6 months. dhkeller: Cabin. 37°F outside, 46 inside. Despite temps, […]

Latest Lifestream (March 29 2013)

David Nguyen, Oliverio, Constant, Liccardo so far. Easier to keep a list of which SJ City Council Members aren’t running for Mayor? [dhkeller]. David Three-game win streak, two-game shutout streak. Who are these #sjSharks? [dhkeller]. David @donholio @DiANNe0985 Both Sharks/Ducks have 15 games remaining. #sjSharks trail ANA by 10pts. Possible, but don’t play each […]

Latest Lifestream (March 28 2013)

David So of course on the day I *really* need it, the WiFi @panerabread Los Gatos is down. Now where? [dhkeller]. David @KrisNBC Which part of Almaden Expressway? [dhkeller]. David RT @WillowGlenCharm: Something’s going down near Almaden Road — got one (unsubstantiated) report of gunshots, and word of police… htt … [dhkeller]. David RT […]

Latest Lifestream (March 27 2013)

David Willow Glen Seller’s Market: Smaller home across street already labeled "SOLD" (which says bigger house still laughingly over-priced) [dhkeller]. David @danieloleary Probably should’ve been a PK, but the flop oversold the point too much. Just enough of the ball from Edu? [dhkeller]. David shared 10 photos. dhkeller: @danieloleary Definitely. dhkeller: @danieloleary Probably should’ve […]

Latest Lifestream (March 26 2013)

David Actual first line of SJUSD WGHS English class selection form: "All students will take if they this do not select:" … Iambic pentameter? [dhkeller]. David For my first act as Team Scheduler, I note "opponent" trying to reschedule is confused and not actually playing us at all. Done and done. [dhkeller]. David I […]

Latest Lifestream (March 25 2013)

David RT @KCBSNews: #AmberAlert for baby in stolen White Jeep Liberty, license plt 6BWK440, happened at 6:40 am 2340 Amador Dr, San Jose http … [dhkeller]. David Did just get the auto-sms from the County on the @SanJosePD Amber Alert. Worth noting that it’s been on Twitter for 90mins already. [dhkeller]. David RT @SanJoseInfo: […]

Latest Lifestream (March 24 2013)

David I could handle the intense wind in Morgan Hill causing worst allergies ever if it hadn’t also produced a sad soccer result. [dhkeller]. David shared 2 photos. dhkeller: I could handle the intense wind in Morgan Hill causing worst allergies ever if it hadn’t also produced a sad soccer result. dhkeller: RT @duresport: […]

Latest Lifestream (March 23 2013)

David #USMNT Yellow ball useless on the TV while snow falling, but fun to watch. ESPN now! [dhkeller]. David Literally no idea how that went in #USMNT Snow [dhkeller]. David How do we know they aren’t? 😉 … RT @LizzieHaldane: What a goal! Instead of confetti, I wish the fans were tossing up snow. […]