Latest Lifestream (April 30 2013)

David Pro-Tip for @AquiMexicangril: Wrong week to have "Vancouver Island Salmon" on the menu 😉 #sjSharks [dhkeller]. David shared 11 photos. dhkeller: Not gonna miss traffic and construction delays @PackardHospital and along 101 in Palo Alto, especially not today’s street-sweeper escort dhkeller: @aquaticbehavior You’ll need to learn how to manage a database through your […]

Latest Lifestream (April 29 2013)

David RT @PollakOnSharks: #SJSharks start WED and FRI in Vancouver, series moves to HP for games on SUN and TUES. All games 7 p.m. PDT. [dhkeller]. David As with all breaking news on Twitter, I’m going to assume Playoff Schedule is just hearsay until 24 hours has elapsed. But seriously, @NHL? [dhkeller]. David shared […]

Latest Lifestream (April 28 2013)

David OMG @HuffPoSpoilers is the best use of Twitter ever! Link-bait tweets are the worst. [dhkeller]. David #14yoJ getting call-up tomorrow for WildCats. With two draws today in Manteca, they need win and heavy GD to advance. "Jaws" to the rescue! [dhkeller]. David I can be in Manteca for 8am start tomorrow, but have […]

Latest Lifestream (April 27 2013)

David DVR Alert: #Grimm on TV36 in Bay Area tonight due to Giants game (also, my @Dish doesn’t think it’s a new episode, so double-check yours) [dhkeller]. David shared 10 photos. dhkeller: @aquaticbehavior It also remains the primary in-Arena party song for the Detroit Red Wings, but hockey seems a little obscure for Seattle. […]

Latest Lifestream (April 26 2013)

David Visa Application for trip to China. Do I mark "Housewife," "Unemployed," or "Retired"? [dhkeller]. David shared 3 photos. dhkeller: Is the old phrase "Chinese Fire Drill" derogatory? What to use instead? dhkeller: @oshanada Have to assume so. I bet new word is clusterfuck. But I’m looking for something family friendly that only blames […]

Latest Lifestream (April 25 2013)

David Counting on @IFTTT to help me "tweet" while in China in June. Can trigger tweets from @Gmail, @Flickr, @evernote, others. But which to use? [dhkeller]. David shared 7 photos. dhkeller: @whataboutbob Vegas (only place I’ve ever seen it) dhkeller: Counting on @IFTTT to help me "tweet" while in China in June. Can trigger […]

Latest Lifestream (April 24 2013)

David @james_d_wong Also, no way gum counters the stress-induced mistakes caused by the pressure. They need to relax on both counts! [dhkeller]. David @hockeydarling Stars … Boo! [dhkeller]. David Hey, everybody: Remember that form I asked you to submit with payment? Glad you realized you I was kidding, and can totally read your mind. […]

Latest Lifestream (April 23 2013)

David Lawn sprinklers tuned for the season a bit earlier than normal. Commence the Rainiest May Ever. [dhkeller]. David Haven’t been red-lighted for complete cycle at both Branham & Cherry in 12mos, but three times this week. $M new Almaden Exp broken already? [dhkeller]. David @hockeydarling That was much worse than any simple drunk […]

Latest Lifestream (April 22 2013)

David But late start still unfortunate … RT @ElliottAlmond: Perfect night for MLS game in Bay Area. Clear sky, warm temps and sun setting [dhkeller]. David @ElliottAlmond I get it. Same "deadline" means only part of my family is at the game (school night). Attendance looks down as well. [dhkeller]. David Probably not the […]