Great Wall at Mutianyu – With Stairs!

IMG_4889Of course we also saw the Great Wall.


We selected a location a bit further from Beijing, but well worth the drive. Despite the longer drive and the overcast weather, it was amazing to see this great wonder of the world for ourselves — and to walk along the steep ramps and staircases connecting each tower … And did I mention we rode up in a gondola — and then rode down in a toboggan!? **

IMG_4890 We were able to walk to the top of one of the guard towers, where we had a panoramic view of the wall and the Mutianyu region.

At the end of our walk, each of us had our own toboggan to ride down. The ride took nearly five minutes (much longer than the similar experience we had in Germany’s Bavarian mountains).

** Toboggan video to be posted once we get to a country that allows video sharing.