Fuli & Yangshuo

In addition to all of the fun, active things we did along the Yulong River and Li River, we also found a little time to be proper tourists — and watch shows and shop!

On our second night in Yangshuo, we made plans to see the fancy light show on the Li River, Impression Sanjie Liu. It was a great show, with a huge cast and an outstanding scenic backdrop on the river. Pictures don’t do it justice.


Before kayaking on Tuesday, we spent the morning in Fuli on their traditional “Market Day,” which is really a cross between a farmers market, swap meet, and flea market. Or at least, we think everything imaginable was for sale.


Above are pictures of Aunt Jeni helping Jocelyn buy some old Chinese coins as a souvenir, and Kiana helping a vendor make a traditional painted paper fan.

Not pictured in Fuli: The crazy stiff we also saw in the market, like cooked duck, fileted fish, bulk spices/teas, and live caged birds. If you want to see those pictures, check out the Fuli Flickr collection (nothing NSFW, but credentials required).