Merry Christmas to All!

And by “all,” she means all!

For a special holiday project this year, Felicia decided to make blankets as gifts. But these aren’t just any gifts, they are gifts she’s donating to Sacred Heart Community Service in the name of each gift’s recipients. That means, you aren’t getting one; instead, you’ll get a warm […]

Carol of the [Mission] Bells

It’s Christmas: Mommy needs a new Christmas Carol. … But does she need a new ornament?

For this year’s traditional gift of a Christmas Carol and tree Ornament, we present a little twist. The Carol still commemorates an activity from 2013, but it’s presented this year in the form of a decorative garland, arranged in […]

Christmas Concert Compilation

Happy Holidays to all … and to all a string of very busy nights!

For your viewing pleasure, Felicia appears in videos from her school band performance (“Jolly Old St. Nicholas” and “Up on the Rooftop”) and from her bell choir and children’s choir at church.

Jocelyn’s high school Bella Voce choir finished the season […]