Felicia’s “Citrus Fiesta”

Booksin’s Annual 4th Grade Science Fair was today! Felicia’s entry was called “Citrus Fiesta,” and it explored how different liquids support growth in plants.

Big Question & Purpose: “Does orange juice, cran-apple juice, grapefruit juice, or water help a plant grow more quickly?”

Hypothesis: I believe that the Grapefruit Juice will work best out of […]

We hope 2014 is Best Year Ever!

2013 was our best year ever!

We began with a family trip to Banff, Canada, celebrating our 20th Anniversary and spent two summer weeks in China with cousin Kiana & Family. We toured fourteen California missions along El Camino Real, and we still found time to see Yosemite Valley, Big Sur, and Hearst Castle, […]