Back to School 2011 … Like Clockwork!

Another year older, another first day of school conquered!

For reference, we present First Day 2010:


Epic Car Odyssey 2011

It almost didn’t happen. It wasn’t planned. It evolved organically without a definite plan over all 605 miles.

And it started with a missed connection. We were in Oregon for a week with GrandMama & GrandPapa, minding our own business, when the opportunity dropped in our laps. Karen was supposed to join us for […]

Peace, Love & Joy – Holidays 2010

Another great card produced by TinyPrints — although we have to apologize for its heft. It turned out to be a bit bigger than we imagined it would be.


Happy New Year 2010 – our Holiday Card

It took us a few years of looking, but we finally found our cabin in Tahoe (along the Serene Lakes in Soda Springs)! So we’re celebrating Christmas and the New Year up on Donner Summit!

In addition to lots of snowplay, both Jocelyn and Felicia finished 2009 attending elementary school together, enjoying ballet and […]

Frosty the Snowman – Christmas Carol 2009

The tradition continues … with a twist! … This year’s “Christmas Carol” gift to Mommy was the time-honored ‘Frosty the Snowman.”

While no long, drawn-out explanation is required this year, we added an enhancement to the standard tradition for 2009. Our “Frosty the Snowman” gift included the usual hand-made ornament and a handy kit for […]

Goodbye, Tiburon … You’ll be missed!

After 15 years of faithful service, alternating as bird watcher, alarm clock, and hockey namesake … our first family cat Tiburon died today. She’s pictured here in December 1998, and that’s one-month-old Jocelyn in my other arm. Tiburon, of course, is Spanish for ‘Shark’ …

My mother will be the first to tell you that […]

Fawkes Arrives Before Lucky #11

In an odd convergence of traditions, maybe I should have given Jocelyn one of Felicia’s birthday books this year, instead of the traditional stuffed plush toy I usually give her on her special day.

This is the year that Jocelyn truly became a reader. A Voracious Reader. There were times that we had to pry […]

Sisters in Kindergarten

Yep, there they are! Congratulations to Felicia, who started Kindergarten today!

And Jocelyn started the Fifth Grade, marking the only year that both girls will ever be at the same school (barring some tricky post-secondary matriculation rubrics that I don’t want to pay for). The confluence was not lost on the girls, who graciously […]

No longer a Preschooler

While she may not start Kindergarten for a couple of months, our little baby is growing up nonetheless.

Felicia “graduated” from preschool today, after three fantastic years at San Jose Parents Participating Nursery School (SJPPNS), where Jocelyn has also gone to preschool for two years earlier this decade. She’s a lot older than she […]