Tale of Two (or Three) Grandpas?

It’s time for a 2nd Grade simile and metaphor lesson!

Editor’s Note: We’re going to withhold the name of the intended grandpa (Felicia did write this about one in particular, but it’s more fun to keep Grandpa, Papa, and GrandPaPa guessing!

My Grandpa is … by Felicia Keller

Old like Methusala, Hungry like […]

Happy Mother’s Day from Felicia only

After several weeks of focusing on Jocelyn’s play performance at church last Sunday, Felicia had her day in the sun today, as her “Littlest Angels” choir performed before the service this morning.

Although for the most part, it was only Felicia who was singing:

We call that a solo, ladies and gentlemen! Felicia was […]

Jocelyn’s Bully Alert

As part of a poster contest to Stop Bullying (hosted by American Girl in conjunction with their new Girl of the Year), Jocelyn has designed the following message to her peers:

Bully Alert

5 strategic ideas for solving Bullying

Agree with bully district or change the subject ignore the bully walk away laugh and make […]

Twittering with @NoradSanta 2008

The Pretzel Jello Incident – 2008

Truth be told … the history of Grandee’s InFamous Pretzel Jello reverberates with joy and merriment. It is one of the family traditions that is traditionally different every time it is made.

This year’s Thanksgiving Pretzel Jello presented two unique additions to the lore of tasty combination of sweet jello, salty pretzels, and creamy topping.


Felicia Meets Tinkerbell via Daisy

Felicia got a special surprise package in the mail today … a Tinkerbell dress-up gown. A great letter came with it:

Dear Felicia:

GrandMaMa bought me this cute Tinkerbell dress to wear at a costume parade last weekend. It didn’t work. You can not put a fluffy dress on a dog with no legs. […]

Quakes Tie Despite Cute Outfit/Namecalling

First of all, you need to know that Felicia picked out her outfit all by herself this morning. She was personally very excited to go to the Earthquakes game today at Buck Shaw Stadium.

It’s also worth noting that she apparently agrees with commentator Jay Hipps, that there is no need to refer to the […]

New Polder at Lincoln Glen Park

Is it possible we’ve got dikes, polders, and reclamation projects on our minds?

Two days after returning to California, we visited local Lincoln Glen Park, which features a pretend stream that feeds into a great sandbox. Here we see Jocelyn & Felicia working together to dam the river and create a pool — undoubtedly inspired […]

Word Geen Slaaprijder

Well, our fabulous European holiday to Italy and The Netherlands has come to an end. This post should be hitting the website as we travel across the Atlantic Ocean or perhaps across the polar ice cap), and serves as a friendly safety announcement from the digital traffic safety boards that cover most of Amsterdam.

Word […]