2nd Grade Music Around the World

Wednesday was the 2nd Grade Music Concert at Booksin Elementary, part of the end-of-year ceremonies for Felicia’s school.

If you can’t find her, she’s in the third row, slightly to the right of the literal shiny star. We all know she’s also a shiny star. Enjoy:

Shhhhh. The password is “milleryoungmusic” [without the […]

CUMC: ‘Once Upon a Parable’

It’s really just the beginning of the “May Memory Season” of capturing end-of-the-year pictures and videos for school activities and everything else. This weekend’s entry is the annual children’s musical performance at Campbell United Methodist Church.

“Once Upon a Parable” is a compilation of six Biblical stories, woven together with song and dance. Jocelyn, Felicia, […]

Carol of the Bells

Merry Christmas to everyone! As a special holiday treat, Jocelyn taught herself to play the “Carol of the Bells” on the organ at our Cabin in Tahoe.

And she recorded it on her new Creativ Vado HD pocket video recorder. We hope you enjoy it!


She Runs Five Miles Every Morning

Felicia performed in the big “Mini Show” at our local Center Stage Dance this weekend, including the standard array of musical numbers, cute costumes, and entertaining miscues.

This song is one of the newer dances, and Felicia (generally far right in the video) became really attached to it:

And an apology for the lousy […]

Oh Jonah … Oh Jocelyn!

One of the biggest extracurricular activities Jocelyn has each year is the annual Children’s Musical at Campbell United Methodist Church. The show is always an excellent production and showcases the kids with some great talent and jazzy singing numbers. This year was no exception, as the kids put on the show “Oh Jonah” … about […]

Go West … Young Women

While technically, the song says “Go West, Young Man” with a “Young Women” echo response, you get the idea. This was Jocelyn’s Fourth Grade production this week, featuring scripted lines and singing performances for all 140 kids. See if you can find Jocelyn:

Dance of the Sugar Plum Four-Year-Olds

With Christmas nearly upon us, the various performances of the Holiday Season have begun. First up, Felicia’s ballet class (Center Stage Dance) has been enjoying music and stories from The Nutcracker. Earlier today, they got to do their own interpretive dance to the famous music.

Feel free to dance along! 😉


Barenaked Ladies … XXX … Amsterdam!

Sorry … it’s not what you think.

First of all … When Jocelyn asked Ann about the three X’s on a lot of buildings and flags across Amsterdam, we could have been in some trouble. But it turns out that red XXX symbol is the official Coat of Arms for Amsterdam, not at all related […]

Simple Gifts, Redux

By pure coincidence, the song “Simple Gifts” seems to recurring in our lives.

A few weeks ago, it was the highlight of Jocelyn’s piano recital. And today it reappears as performed by the combined bell ensemble at Church … this time being performed by both Karen and Jocelyn.

Simple Gifts – CUMC from David […]