Simple Gifts, Redux

By pure coincidence, the song “Simple Gifts” seems to recurring in our lives.

A few weeks ago, it was the highlight of Jocelyn’s piano recital. And today it reappears as performed by the combined bell ensemble at Church … this time being performed by both Karen and Jocelyn.

Simple Gifts – CUMC from David […]

Felicia’s Famous Mini-Show

Felicia’s big Mini-Show at Center Stage Dance premiered — after great anticipation — this weekend, with a delightful performance on Saturday. Felicia and her friends danced their way through microphone introductions and numerous costume changes.

Here’s one video, which will put the famous “Lollipop” song in your head. Other HD Videos are available on […]

Simple Gifts on Piano

Jocelyn had her second annual piano recital today, hosted by our teacher Joan Gandell. There were more than 20 performers ranging in age from Pre-K to Fourth Grade. Here’s Jocelyn’s performance, followed by Giuliana Calia, who also played:

Piano Recital from dhkeller on Vimeo.