Felicia’s Sixth Year – 100 Soccer Balls?

Keeping with my long-standing tradition of honoring each of Felicia’s birthdays with books that tell the story of the year, I’ve got four selections to share.

By any measure, it has been a momentous year for our youngest.

2009-2010 was the year Felicia ascended into the world of her older sister, joining Jocelyn in many […]

Muggle Quidditch – World Cup Qualifying

While not yet confirmed by official sources, MK.com has learned that the next stage of World Cup Qualifying in Muggle Quidditch will likely take place in February, with the team from California hosting the reigning champion team from Tennessee.

This grainy video taken in the hills above Saratoga shows the Californian Martins conducting an inter-squad […]

Carol of the Bells

Merry Christmas to everyone! As a special holiday treat, Jocelyn taught herself to play the “Carol of the Bells” on the organ at our Cabin in Tahoe.

And she recorded it on her new Creativ Vado HD pocket video recorder. We hope you enjoy it!


Surprise! Apparators Advance in Robotics

A welcome surprise, of course …

The dust has yet to settle on Jocelyn’s robotics season — The season which was supposed to end today with the regional qualifying tournament at NASA Ames Research Center. But it didn’t end.

The Apparators Robotics team was one of the top-nine teams at today’s tournament, and moves one […]

Supporting ‘BAWSI Girls’

BAWSI = bossĀ·y [bos-ee, baw-see] (bô’s&#275, bë’s&#275)

That’s BAWSI … as in the Bay Area Womens Sports Initiative, which our family has supported over the past few years, most recently sponsoring their program activities at San Jose’s Horace Mann Elementary School.

Today, we visited the Horace Mann program site — along with Nana & […]

Booksin Safety Patrol

As Twittered earlier …

Jocelyn took her first shift on the Booksin Safety patrol yesterday morning, under the watchful eye of one of her former teachers, Mr. Martinez … and her dad.

The troop works together to help pedestrians cross the intersection of Dry Creek & Booksin right in front of the school. It’s a […]

“That’s ‘Cuz The Other Team Scored it”

Felicia scored her first official soccer goal today, sort of. … The score comes near the end, and listen closely for the extra bonus analysis from Felicia:

Well, sure, the ball got a little help from the other team, but it was going in anyway, right!

So, the Green Ninja’s didn’t technically win today. […]

No News is Good News?

Oh, by the way … Jocelyn is at camp. And has been since Thursday. So as far as we know, everything is OK. At least, it was on Thursday, when this picture was taken..

While we are absolutely certain that this is the longest stretch of her life that she’s gone without parental contact, we […]

Fair Racing: Pigs, Horses, and Dogs

We almost missed it. If not for a well-timed radio ad, we would’ve thought the Alameda County Fair had already come and gone. But not so fast …

Having gone to the same fair last year, it’s almost a tradition … and a welcome fair experience in comparison to our hometown effort.

We rearranged our […]